One Piece cosplayer gets the perfect Nico Robin makeover

Fans react to a cosplay of Nico Robin from Thriller Bark arc (Images via Reddit thread r/OnePiece and Toei Animation)
Fans react to a cosplay of Nico Robin from Thriller Bark arc (Images via Reddit thread r/OnePiece and Toei Animation)

The One Piece fanbase is comprised of loyal people who love and adore the show. As the community gets bigger, many people have started to display their talent in various fields concerning the show. As such, cosplayers take to popular forums and social media websites like Twitter and Reddit to showcase their skills in accurately mimicking some of their favorite characters.

In this case, Reddit user u/Ready-Strategy-9413 cosplayed Nico Robin from the Thriller Bark arc of the One Piece series. The post likewise garnered much attention within the subreddit, and plenty fans of the series appreciated the cosplayer’s attempt.

One Piece fans go gaga over Reddit user’s cosplay of Nico Robin from Thriller Bark arc

Reddit user u/Ready-Strategy-9413 has done a splendid job in accurately portraying Nico Robin from the One Piece series. This community has existed for a long time, so fans have come across plenty of cosplays in their time. One of the most common responses from fans is their appreciation for the cosplayer's nose contouring efforts. Nico Robin has a rather slim nose, and the makeup done by the cosplayer was on point.

Every One Piece fan is aware of how Sanji is as a character. While he might be an incredible cook and reliable comrade on the battlefield, he constantly comments and appreciates how some women look.

Nico Robin is no exception to Sanji's treatment. This was no surprise, as some of the fans assumed the role of Sanji Vinsmoke and commented on the post. His catch phrase "Robin Chwaan" was seen in the comment section of this post. Moreover, many Reddit users uploaded GIFs of this character to show their appreciation for the cosplayer.

One of the main reasons for this cosplayer's success with this character was the choice of outfit. Anyone who has watched the Thriller Bark arc of the series will be able to identify this costume instantly. The color is quite similar to the outfit that Nico Robin wore in the series. People thus appreciated the cosplayer's choice of outfit since it aided her in pulling off this cosplay.

Aside from that, some fans decided to give suggestions to the Reddit user for possible cosplays that she could do in the future. Some of these suggestions included Boa Hancock, who is yet another interesting character from the series that would be a great subject for cosplay. In another comment, an One Piece fan requested for a Nico Robin cosplay once again, but this time, from the Dressarosa arc.

Final thoughts

Given the source material, most cosplayers receive backlash from the community for s*xualizing the cosplay attempt. In this case, however, the cosplay did a phenomenal job of accurately portraying the character. There are plenty of elements that go into cosplaying, and the aforementioned cosplayer's choice of outfit was perfect, while the makeup involving a nose contour helped the fanbase identify the character she was trying to cosplay.

Although some might argue that a better background could have improved the overall quality, the end result was impressive. The cosplayer's choice of pose was also similar to the one Nico Robin does while using her Devil Fruit abilities in the One Piece series. All in all, this cosplayer did a stellar job, and the fanbase is waiting in anticipation for more cosplay efforts from this person.

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