One Piece Episode 1000 has fans losing their minds over nostalgic tribute

Cover art for One Piece manga chapter 1000 by Eiichiro Oda (Image via One Piece wiki)
Cover art for One Piece manga chapter 1000 by Eiichiro Oda (Image via One Piece wiki)

Few series manage to impact their fanbase as much as One Piece did, and the internet's reaction to the anime's 1000th episode is testament to it.

The episode was everything that fans had hoped it would be and the support ti received on Twitter has been record-breaking. Here's what One Piece fans on Twitter had to say about the much-awaited Episode 1000.

Wow #ONEPIECE1000 amazing episode… Gave me chills so many times🤩

Twitter reacts to One Piece Episode 1000

One Piece Episode 1000 blew fans' minds and made us all emotional from the opening credits itself. The studio recreated the original One Piece opening specifically for this episode, going back to their roots and tracing their 20-year journey on-screen as one of the biggest names in the shonen anime community.

Ardent One Piece fans couldn't stop posting side-by-side comparisons of panels from the episode, comparing them to the humble beginnings of the Monkey D. Luffy and the the Straw Hat crew.

Some iconic ONE PIECE moments ☠️🌊Watch 1000-second video:

Along with posting iconic One Piece moments throughout the series, the "how it started vs. how it's going" tag seems especially popular among those freaking out over this episode.

Credits aside, the 1000th episode arrived at the height of the Wano Country Arc and it masterfully showcased Luffy and his crew assembling together with their allies. They're shown gearing up for the final showdown against the King and Queen, as Luffy vows to take down Kaido once and for all.

A masterpiece of fiction. Thank you Oda sensei 💜#ONEPIECE1000 #ONEPIECE1000LOGS

Toei Animation studio also takes this special episode up another notch with some of the best visuals in the series and incredible sakuga. The action sequences, character shots and even the backgrounds are animated in a way that shows off just how far the series has come since it began airing in 1999.

#ONEPIECE1000 broke Crunchyroll, trending in Television, no major fight but really highlighted the journey and the strength of the StrawHats... a perfect episode in my book. 'Thanks... and... TO BE CONTINUED.'
ワンピース 第1000 圧倒的戦力!麦わらの一味集結Key Animator : Naotoshi Shida (志田 直俊)Source : One Piece Episode #1000
The #ONEPIECE1000 episode will be the greatest walking down memory lane ever! ✊I have tears in my eyes already :')

Fans have also been going gaga over the Straw Hat pirates' evolution, especially Zoro's, which is also interesting considering that Zoro is set to get a lot of limelight in the latest manga chapter of the series, which is also set to be released today.

MY WIFE MY BELOVED AAAAAAAAAAAAAA ❤️💘💖❤️💕💘💘❤️💞❤️💖💗❤️💖💝❤️💘💞💞💘❤️❤️💖💖💞❤️❤️💗💞💞💘💕#ONEPIECE1000
Luffy and Zoro have really made it this far 😭🔥#ONEPIECE1000 #ONEPIECE1000LOGS

Moreover, fans have also tweeted posters and hoadings exclusively for advertising and celebrating the 1000th episode of the series. What more can we say about the popularity of One Piece?

The hype of one single episode 🔥🔥#ONEPIECE1000LOGS #ONEPIECE1000

The voice-acting is on par with the animation and matches the intensity of the build-up that is set to culminate in an epic battle. The staff and actors seem just as excited for it all as the fans!

The seiyuu for the Straw Hat Pirates recording for tonight's 1000th episode from the recent One Piece Variety King episode on Fuji TV
One piece episode 1000 is 100% greatest anime episode of 2021

Just when you think there couldn't be anything more you could want from an episode, One Piece goes a step further. Along with their 1000th episode also appeared the announcement of the newest movie of the franchise, One Piece: RED, likely to be centered around Shanks.

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