One Piece Episode 999: Release date, time, where to watch and more

One Piece Episode 999: Release date and time, where to watch and more (image via Toei Animation)
One Piece Episode 999: Release date and time, where to watch and more (image via Toei Animation)

One Piece is an extremely popular anime and manga series that is loved by fans all over the world. Fans cannot contain their excitement as episode 999 is just a few hours away from being aired.

The release date for One Piece episode 999 is November 13, 2021. Sources suggest that the release time for the aforementioned episode is 7 PM Pacific Time.

Here’s everything there is to know about One Piece episode 999.

One Piece Episode 999: Everything fans need to know about the anime's upcoming episode

One Piece fans are excited as episode 999 will mainly focus on the rise of Kaido. The episode will be released on November 13, 2021 at 7 PM Pacific time.

One Piece is at a crucial stage in terms of plot development and the events that follow will decide the direction in which the plot will progress. Therefore, it is important for fans to be aware of the streaming platform that will air the aforementioned episode.

The ideal platform for streaming anime, including One Piece, is Crunchyroll. While Crunchyroll contains a huge collection of anime, it is not free. Viewers need to purchase a subscription in order to watch One Piece.

One Piece episode 998 recap

In One Piece, Kaido has cemented his position and is proving to be a huge threat to the Straw Hat and the alliance. To deal a fatal blow, the Akazaya Nine put everything on the line and gave it their all, only to fall short. They were unable to defeat them. The Minks decide to go ballistic after watching the full moon.

Kaido from One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)
Kaido from One Piece (Image via Toei Animation)

Kaido is in his Dragon form and is ready to take on the MInks. The Minks, taking the Sulong form after looking at the full moon, are ready to face the Numbers and Jack.

The One Piece protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, along with Yamato and Big Mom are inside the Onigashima Castle. As they look above, they realize that the fight has begun.

The Samurai, along with Luffy, decimates Kaido’s men with the help of Gum-Gum Gattling, and also notices Shinobu trying to rescue Momonosuke.

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