One Piece Red villain has fans speculating her powers

The latest key visual in One Piece Red (Image via Sportskeeda/Toei Animation)
The latest key visual in One Piece Red (Image via Sportskeeda/Toei Animation)

The "mysterious girl" from One Piece Red has gotten a lot of attention from the community lately.

Eiichiro Oda wants this female character to be a departure from previous villains, according to a comment on the official website.

One Piece Red is set to have a musical theme based on concept art for the Straw Hats. Shanks will also have a major presence in the film. Fans can only wonder how the "mysterious girl" will differentiate herself from Douglas Bullet and Gild Tesoro.

Japanese audiences will have to wait until August 6th for the film's release. In the meantime, they have several months to speculate on what could happen.

One Piece Red: Everybody is trying to figure out the powers of the "mysterious girl"

Twitter reactions to One Piece Red have consisted of fanart focused on the "mysterious girl." Meanwhile, Reddit users have formulated their own theories about this strange villain.

For the sake of discussion, this article will take a look at these constructive theories.

One Piece Red recently showcased a key visual

The mysterious female character just appeared in a new poster for One Piece Red. This gave fans a clearer view of what she looks like. Previously, she only appeared in supplementary material as a chalky outline.

This central figure seems to be a Skypiean, based on her wings and unique hairstyle. She also wears a fashionable jacket that seems way too long for her. It's almost like it was meant for Longarm Tribe members.

Most notably, she has two different hair colors, white and red/pink. She also wears musical headphones, which may indicate she is a singer.

The One Piece sub-reddit had a field day with speculation

Most Reddit users seem to believe that the character will have sound-based abilities. The first movie poster outrightly stated that she has an "almighty voice."

u/gyrozepp2 brought up a critical point in regards to her background text, shown in the key visual:

"The text behind her says "Luffy, quit being a pirate""

One has to wonder exactly how she plans to make Luffy quit being a pirate.

The previous movie villain set an extremely high standard for the series. Douglas Bullet could easily rival someone like Kaido at power level.

u/Asian_Persuasion_1 suggested that this new villain doesn't have to surpass Douglas in terms of strength. Instead, she might just use an overpowered Devil Fruit. For example, she could use her potentially hypnotic voice to have Luffy fight the Straw Hats:

"The problem with having a movie now is that the characters are too strong. you can combat this by having the good guys fight themselves."

One Piece Red will have a strong music theme, so it makes sense for this new villain to have sound-based abilities. u/Spare_Cameron brought up a plausible theory in regards to an old Greek myth:

"There is a Greek myth based around Sirens)... This would also align with this recent twitter tease, as well as her general aesthetics and the very little we currently know about her allegedly sing-based "Uta" powers."

Some theorists believe that the character could use her voice to mind control people. That would explain why she wants Luffy to give up his dream.

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