One Punch Man surprises fans with a bonus chapter 

One Punch Man Volume 28 features bonus chapter and bonus illustrations (Image via Madhouse)
One Punch Man Volume 28 features bonus chapter and bonus illustrations (Image via Madhouse)

The One Punch Man fanbase has been quite excited ever since Yusuke Murata launched Volume 28 on Friday. While a volume is just a compilation of the already-existing manga chapters, the mangaka adds in extra content for the fanbase to enjoy. In this case, Volume 28 is reportedly set to receive a bonus chapter soon, much to the delight of the entire fanbase.

The cover of One Punch Man Volume 28 was released a few days ago. On it, one could see Genos and Tatsumaki together, which sparked numerous “TatsuGenos” ship discussions on various platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

There is no doubt that this series has an incredibly loyal fanbase. Many have already purchased the latest volume, which features plenty of bonus illustrations as well. These bonus illustrations include some of the most popular characters like Blast, Tatsumaki, and other S-class heroes.

Disclaimer: The contents of the volume which will be discussed in this article. Contain spoilers from the One Punch Man manga chapters.

Contents of One Punch Man Volume 28

This volume of the series will contain six chapters from the Monsters Association arc: Chapter 138 - titled Twist, chapter 139 - titled Giant Barrier, chapter 140 - titled Disgrace and Fundamentals, chapter 141 - titled Indomitable, chapter 142 - titled Resonance, and chapter 143 - titled Into the Abyss.

A fan also provided their translation of the bonus chapter based on what was shown in the contents page. As per the translation, the bonus chapter is either titled Smell or Olfactory Sensation.

Furthermore, this chapter has a host of bonus illustrations as well. In one of the illustrations, we can see Mumen Rider with Tank Top Master riding pillion and Saitama following them.

Atomic Samurai is paired with Puri Puri Prisoner, while the Silver Fang and Bang were seen performing a martial arts move.

On the same page, we could see Superalloy Darkshine as well. Following this, there were illustrations of Amai Mask, Zombieman, Child Emperor, Psykos, and Tatsumaki performing household chores. These illustrations were greatly appreciated by the One Punch Man fanbase.

In the 28th volume of the manga, there was a separate page dedicated to the comments provided by Yusuke Murata himself. A rough translation of what the mangaka said, was “The seasons are passing at a breakneck speed!”

This translation was also provided by the same member of the One Punch Man community.

Progress of the One Punch Man manga

Currently, there are 185 chapters in total. Roughly 42 chapters are yet to be compiled into a volume, and fans hope that Murata sensei will be able to compile another volume before this year ends.

In the aforementioned volume, the Monsters Association arc is the longest story arc so far. This is a crucial arc that shows Garou’s character development and Saitama’s combat abilities in the One Punch Man manga.

Chapter 170 marks the end of the Monsters Association arc and Human Monster saga. Chapter 171 kicks off the Neo Heroes saga and the Psychic Sisters arc.

This story arc was relatively short, and chapter 183 marked its conclusion. Chapter 184 started the Neo Heroes Introduction arc, which sheds some light on the sensitive and dire situation that the Heroes Association is in.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga news as 2023 progresses.

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