One Punch Man Chapter 170 teases end of the earth, rise of an Evil Saitama

Evil Saitama theory and the future of One Punch Man (Images via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, and Madhouse)
Evil Saitama theory and the future of One Punch Man (Images via ONE/Yusuke Murata, Shueisha, and Madhouse)

The latest chapter of One Punch Man might not have had a ton of action that left the entire fanbase hyped. However, there are important pieces of information that have been revealed in the previous chapter which could give us some direction with respect to the future of the series. There have been numerous theories floating around the internet, but the conversation that took place between Sitch and Sekingar has given rise to some important ones.

The One Punch Man theories surround Saitama, God, and Garou and how they will influence the plot in the upcoming set of story arcs. Let’s take a look at the aforementioned conversation and a few important pieces of information from the previous chapters to understand how it could affect the plot in the near future.

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One Punch Man: The possibility of Evil Saitama being the final antagonist in the series

First, let’s take a look at the conversation that took place between Sitch and Sekingar in chapter 170. The first key piece of information that was revealed was that Bang was retiring from the Heroes Association. This was a major blow for them since he was an S-Class hero who ranked third which meant he was a capable fighter. Replacing him would be difficult, but Sitch went on to reveal another important piece of information. He said that Garou would be his successor, which would bolster the organization’s forces in preparation for the prophecy that was foretold by Shibabawa.

According to this prophecy, Earth was in danger, and would be destroyed soon. Based on the recent set of chapters that we had read, it’s quite obvious that One Punch Man is setting God as one of the main antagonists of the story. Garou was capable of traveling back in time since he was able to teach this technique to Saitama, and he also had the knowledge of the flow of all energies and forces. If this was the case, it is hard to imagine the true extent of God’s powers because Garou didn’t even undergo a complete impartation of God’s powers. This means that the latter is fully capable of traveling to alternate timelines if the entity wishes to do so.

Now that Garou will be joining the Heroes Association, there is no doubt that he will be one of the strongest S-Class heroes and will be fighting alongside Blast and Saitama against God. However, the opponent might make them fight against an evil Saitama from an alternate timeline. Let’s understand how God would manage to do this.

One Punch Man: How will Saitama turn evil?

It has been established that God is fully capable of traveling to an alternate timeline and establishing a connection with Saitama if it wishes to do so. Following this, it could trick Saitama into borrowing its powers. It could do so by offering Saitama a worthy opponent, which would be the Caped Baldy in the current timeline, thus giving rise to evil Saitama. The reason why God would choose Saitama can be traced back to one of the earlier chapters where Zombieman had a conversation with Genus.

The latter spoke about how God created beings with limiters in order for humans to grow within certain parameters and not exceed them. However, the Caped Baldy managed to break those limiters, and one of the monsters referred to the Caped Baldy as “The Fist That Went Against God.” Therefore, God’s one and true nemesis is none other than Saitama. If God wants to counter "The Fist That Went Against God," the best way to do that is to approach the same the main protagonist and make him its ally.

This is why it's highly possible that fans might witness an evil Saitama side with God when fighting against Blast, Garou, and Saitama from the current timeline. However, this is just a theory and fans must take this information with a grain of salt.

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