Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings) episode 12: New characters introduced as a new arc begins

Miranjo was at the crux of Ousama Ranking episode 12 (Image via Wit Studio)
Miranjo was at the crux of Ousama Ranking episode 12 (Image via Wit Studio)
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After a two-week break, Ranking of Kings, or Ousama Ranking, begins its second cour with episode 12, and it does not disappoint.

With a new intro and a new outro, Ranking of Kings episode 12 is more polished and nuanced than previous episodes. The content seems to have gotten darker, but the show has not lost the humorous and light-hearted elements completely yet.

Miranjo becomes more mysterious in Ranking of Kings episode 12

In Ranking of Kings episodes 10 and 11, we see many people converge towards the kingdom of Bosse. While Daida is still trapped inside his body, he meets a child version of Miranjo, and forms a bond with her.

Queen Hiling, on the other hand, is devastated that her son’s body has been taken over by her late husband, Bosse, and in an attempt to rescue him, is banished from the kingdom. However, she shortly returns with Dorshe and a small but elite force to rescue her son.

Bojji and Kage have finished their training with Despa, and are picked up by the Knights of the Underworld. They are informed that someone had broken into the Underworld Prison and taken away six criminals. They suspect that it is related to the kingdom of Bosse, and ask for Bojji’s help. Worried about Hiling, Bojji and Kage join the knights.

Kage and Bojji’s journey in Ranking of Kings episode 12

#OusamaRanking 12حلقة تذكيرية في نصفها الاول وبداية الملحمة في النصف الثاني .... الملك المجنون الذي رأيناه في الغابة في الحلقة 4 بعدما وصل الى المركز الاول اصبح مجنوناً وذبح مملكته بالكامل وهذا كينغبو هو ابنه ❤🔥 ... ديسبار قادم واكيد ديسهار معه ... اوكين قوي 💀

Ranking of Kings episode 12 begins with a brief recap of part 1. It transitions into Bojji and Kage riding with the Knights as they are informed that Despa will also be coming with them. The knight tells them that Despa insisted on traveling on his old horse, Whiteking, who is both out of shape and old, and is thus taking far longer than he should.

Upon Kage’s asking, the knight reassures them that they would need Despa’s cunning in the upcoming battle. Despa seems to have some sort of prior entanglement with one of the escaped criminals, Ouken.

Ranking of Kings episode 12: Miranjo and the criminals

Ousama Ranking Episode 12Not much Bojji unfortunately but focus was put on the criminal side. Once again looks are deceiving with Ouken having weird mimics and them not quite working together. Kingbo's father is probably the king that Bojjji met in the wild.

Ranking of Kings episode 12 then transitions to the dungeon under the palace in the kingdom of Bosse, where Miranjo had taken the six criminals: The Bandit Leader, Zokku; the Monster of Steel, Gigan; Kingbo, the Fallen Royalty; Ouken, Sword King of the Underworld; Black, the Brunet Assassin; and Red, the Copperhead Assassin.

As Zokku asks Miranjo, who is still inside her mirror, why she has brought them here, she replies that they are free to do whatever they want. Red and Black immediately attack Miranjo, whose mirror start to shine like a diamond.

While the criminals think that they are overpowering Miranjo, who is accompanied by only Apeas, Zokku realizes that without Miranjo they can never get out of this place and will be devoured by the hell-hounds.

Next in Ranking of Kings episode 12, Miranjo leads them to the throne room where Kingbo attacks Bosse (in Daida’s body) and others take him away, tied in ropes. Kingbo then proclaims this kingdom to be his, and assumes the throne, punching Ouken out of his way.

A part of Kingbo’s past is revealed, where his father wanted him to be a good king, but later succumbed to madness himself and set fire to the castle. Kingbo had presumably lost his family in the fire, but what happened afterwards is not shown in Ranking of Kings episode 12.

Que manera de regresar eh👀Tenía miedo por los nuevos op y end, pero el nuevo opening es increíble, visualmente una locura (Jujutsu Kaisen vibes) y la canción me gustó mucho, el ending esta bien, pero prefiero el 1.Siento que este tipo me va a caer bien.Ousama Ranking - Ep 12

Miranjo senses some disturbance at the gate, and takes the criminals with her to check it out. As they walk out of the room, Ouken, who was trembling in fear in front of Kingbo just a little while ago, freezes him in place with his magic and slices off his tendons and wrists, stabbing him repeatedly.

As Kingbo lay dying, Ouken observes him with gleeful curiosity. Zokku, who has witnessed the entire scene, wears the fallen crown upon realizing that Ouken has no interest in it, and promptly crowns himself king. Kingbo’s limp body is thrown out of the castle.

Ranking of Kings episode 12: Hiling arrives at the castle

Ousama Ranking Episode 12Merely a stopgaps between chapters.A reckoning with the arbiters of King Bosse's kingdom's downfall, led by Miranjo, her feelings on this nation a mystery.Misdeeds against her person was saved in her.Main impetus to wanting to see it fall into ruin.

Miranjo reaches the castle gates to see that Hiling and her men have arrived for an attack. Dorshe seems to recognize Miranjo, who should have perished in “the war”, and Hiling vaguely recognizes the mirror as the one Bosse gifted to Daida. Miranjo declares that her only goal is to reduce the kingdom of Bosse to ruins. She sets her Hounds upon Hiling and Dorshe, who prepare to fight them.

Domas and Hokuro prepare for an attack in Ranking of Kings episode 12

Elsewhere, Domas and Hokuro have finished their training, and with a group of soldiers, they prepare to attack the opening of the Underworld. Their plan is to rescue Bojji, unaware that he has already been rescued and is heading towards them as they speak.

Domas stops Hokuro from joining him at the frontline, instead entrusting him to cover for him with a crossbow. In the forest, a recovered Bebin comes across the body of Kingbo and asks his snakes to bury it. As the snakes cover the body, Kingbo’s fingers move.

Final thoughts

Ousama Ranking - 12يالبيه يالاوبننغ القوي، لازم احد يترجمه

Ranking of Kings episode 12 packed too many incidents in one episode. It was the pieces of a larger puzzle that seem disjointed and fragmented now but will make sense once the full picture is derived. Miranjo’s intentions are completely unknown apart from her wish to see this kingdom in ruins, and there is no explanation of why Bosse just let the criminals dethrone him.

It is doubtful that Hiling can win against Miranjo with her minuscule force, but hopefully, Bojji will arrive in time to help his mother.

I love seeing Kage crowning Bojji in the new opening and ending #OusamaRanking #RankingOfKings

Ranking of Kings episode 12 feels more like a prelude to the next episode than an episode itself. It has raised anticipations about Ranking of Kings episode 13 as well as given us many new characters and plot points. Ranking of Kings episode 12 is available for viewing on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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