Pokémon Horizons episode 1 introduces a young Terapagos that has everyone baffled

Fans are just as confused as Lito following the apparent appearance of a new form of Terapagos (Image via OLM, Inc.)
Fans are just as confused as Lito following the apparent appearance of a new form of Terapagos (Image via OLM, Inc.)

Pokémon Horizons episode 1 was released today, i.e., April 14, 2023, in Japan, bringing an exciting start to a brand new era of the world’s most popular franchise. With Ash Ketchum now retired from the role of being the series' protagonist, fans were introduced to Liko and Sprigatito, the new duo that the latest series will focus on.

Despite its status as a pilot episode, Pokémon Horizons episode 1 also included several exciting reveals. What was especially intriguing was the appearance of one Pokémon in particular, whom fans are guessing is related to Terapagos in some way. However, several key distinctions exist between a Terapagos and the Pokémon seen in the episode.

As such, fans are debating as to whether the creature seen in the episode is a young Terapagos, a new form of the original Pokémon, or is an outright pre-evolution a la Pichu.

The fandom believes that Pokémon Horizons episode 1 is likely setting up Terapagos for a full-blown evolutionary line

With Liko having met the exciting new creature in Pokémon Horizons episode 1, fans are expecting Terapagos to play a major role in the first leg of the series. However, there seems to be no information available on Terapagos as of yet, with the creature’s Bulbapedia page being largely blank.

While it’s unclear exactly what the new form of Terapagos seen in Pokémon Horizons episode 1 of Horizons is related to the legendary version from the games, there are a few likely answers. As described above, most are guessing it to either be a younger version of the Pokémon, a new form entirely, or an outright pre-evolution.

Unfortunately, Pokémon Horizons episode 1 doesn’t give fans much information about the young Terapagos origins. The young Pokémon only appears for brief moments, saving Liko and Sprigatito before transforming into Liko’s pendant once again.

It’s worth noting that pre-release material for the series that was focused on Liko had emphasized her “mysterious pendant,” which she received from her grandmother. It seems that, as previously predicted by many fans, this pendant and its true nature will be integral to the overarching plot of the new Pokémon series.

Initially, fans have agreed that the Pokémon is a new form of pre-evolved Terapagos. As of Pokémon Horizons episode 1, the argument for it being a younger Terapagos is not as popular with fans as other possibilities. However, this doesn’t mean it’s out of the question. Some fans are asserting that it could function like Zygarde, where something must be collected to get the Pokémon to full strength.

Others are putting their money on this version of Terapagos not being Terapagos at all, but part of a three-stage evolutionary line of which the Pokémon is a part of. Unsurprisingly, there are also fans who are focused on the cuteness and aesthetics of the new Pokémon.

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