Chainsaw Man anime will be a split-cour production according to unofficial sources

Chainsaw Man poster and trailer (Image via MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man poster and trailer (Image via MAPPA)

MAPPA has hardly revealed any information regarding the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation, and fans are clearly getting antsy. Today, the Twitter account Animehype @AnimeHypeYT has stated that Chainsaw Man anime will be a split-cour production, and its first season will cover the entirety of part one of the manga.

No sources have been listed, and the account was recently in hot waters regarding the Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 announcement. Regardless of the authenticity, fans are currently debating over the merit of adapting part 1 of the manga in one season.

Recent claims about Chainsaw Man anime by Twitter-user sparks debate amongst fans

"Chainsaw Man" Anime will run for 2-cours and will adapt the entire Part 1 manga series!#chainsawman

In their tweet, AnimeHypeYT claims that Chainsaw Man will be a split-cour production, which means that the first season will be split in two parts, separated by a few weeks.

Recently most anime have adapted this format, especially those by MAPPA. A split-cour season would usually consist of 12-14 episodes in each cour, leading the season to consist of 24-28 episodes in total.

@AnimeHypeYT Is this a leak or just a prediction? Part 1's ending is certainly the best stopping point for Season 1, but anyone familiar with the manga could have predicted that. 97 chapters / 24-26 episodes is an average adaptation pacing of 4 chapters per episode (or 3.75 per episode if 26)

The second part of the tweet claims that the first season would adapt the entirety of Part 1 of the Chainsaw Man manga. The part 1 consists of 97 episodes spanning across 11 volumes, packed with both action and dialog.

@Ethan29035247 @AnimeHypeYT I mean, fitting 11 volumes into 2 cours can work pretty well.Just look at Mob Psycho and Ousama Ranking.

Previously, Studio Bones and Wit Studio had adapted 11 volumes in 24-26 episodes for Mob Psycho and Ousama Ranking, respectively. Neither show had suffered a pacing issue due to that, and both went on to achieve critical and popular acclaim.

Additionally, the manga is famous for its fast pacing and rapid transitions. The speculated chapter-to-episode ratio should not pose a problem, and should translate the mood and essence of the series to the screen properly.

@AnimeHypeYT 24-26 episodea is not enough to cover everything. I am worried

However, the series is also heavy in dialog and information alongside worldbuilding and character exposition. Some fans are worried that in order to keep pace, MAPPA might overlook crucial details and delicate nuances in the series.

Final thoughts

Chainsaw Man has been in production for nearly two years by this point, and fans are getting increasingly impatient by the day. While AnimeHypeYT is not a legitimate source, it has proved to be a credible one in the past.

However, the recent stunt with Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 has cost them a lot of trust, which can be gained back if this announcement turns out to be correct.

@AnimeHypeYT Should have got 2 seasons but nevertheless we gonna see Reze-chan and Quanxi-chan soon.

During Jump Festa 2022, mangaka Fujimoto had announced that the manga will get a part 2. No news of that has been revealed to readers either. Additionally, the names of the voice cast and production staff have not been made available.

鈥淐hainsaw Man鈥 anime release date was officially revealed by MAPPA at Jujutsu Kaisen 0 event today!The anime is scheduled to begin broadcasting in October 2022.

The trailers released during Jump Festa disclose very little apart from assuring fans of the incredible quality of the animation in the upcoming series. Another unofficial source mentioned that the anime is set to begin airing in October, 2022.

Whether the news is correct or incorrect, the issue of chapter-to-episode ratio remains. Chainsaw Man is a series where the pace can make or break the quality of the final result.

@AnimeHypeYT Mappa, you should've make First Arc to Katana Arc - First Season and also show the Russian Federation talking to Reze but you're not gonna show Reze face, the camera will be focusing on Reze legs.Bomb Girl Arc to Last Arc - Second Season

MAPPA would need to be extremely careful with the adaptation, especially considering that they have decided to add a few anime-original scenes. Hopefully official sources will provide the readers with authentic information soon.

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