One Piece Chapter 1034 (leaked) - Why Sanji’s fight is his most important one

Sanji faces one of his most difficult challenges yet (Image via Toei Animation)
Sanji faces one of his most difficult challenges yet (Image via Toei Animation)

According to leaks, One Piece Chapter 1034 raises the stakes on Sanji's fight with Queen.

It's a win-or-die situation for the Strawhat Pirates. They cannot afford to lose their battles as the weight of Wano Country rests on their shoulders. Zoro and Sanji are the wings of the Pirate King so they cannot let their captain down. The last chapter focused on Zoro, while the upcoming one focuses on Sanji.

Ever since he put on his raid suit, Sanji has been struggling with his deepest insecurities. He ends up discarding it when he believes it will cost him his humanity. Sanji is fighting himself as much as he's fighting Queen. However, the One Piece Chapter 1034 leaks suggest that Sanji will be validated.

One Piece Chapter 1034 (leaked) - What makes Sanji’s fight his most important one?

What’s the Best fight in the raid so far?

All credit goes to Redon from the Arlong Park Forums, who transcribed the spoilers from a Korean source. One Piece Chapter 1034 is a major test for Sanji's character, both from a physical and mental perspective. Here's what makes this fight a very important one for Sanji.

Sanji is not a monster after all

i want to know if queen is using some sort of raid suit... because if not, then that could technically confirm that sanji might be able to use invisibility without raid suit and devil fruit...#onepiece1034

One Piece Chapter 1034 leaks also provide a new revelation. A few chapters ago, Sanji mistakenly believed he attacked a geisha, in a moment of emotional turmoil. Nearby onlookers thought he was responsible for the incident. Sanji was so devastated that he destroyed his Raid Suit shortly afterwards.

One Piece Chapter 1034 leaks raise the possibility that Queen is responsible. It's been revealed that Queen was rejected several times by this geisha. At some point in the battle, Queen used his invisibility to attack her. It's currently unknown whether or not he also did it to negatively affect Sanji's mental state.

At the very least, it proves that Sanji did not betray his principles by harming a woman. He doesn't want to become anything like his father or his brothers. It's rather fitting that Sanji fights a character like Queen, a scientist who worked directly with his father.

He needs to physically overcome Germa 66

Zoro has his best fight in the series against King.Sanji has his best character moment in the series against Queen. Luffy has his best power growth in the series against Kaido. Even if you don’t think wano is the best arc in the series it’s at least top 3!!

From a mental standpoint, Sanji already prevailed against Germa 66 back in Whole Cake Island. Now he needs to surpass them from a physical standpoint. One Piece Chapter 1034 spoilers reveal that Queen can use all their special abilities, including Sanji's.

The mad scientist has a wide range of attacks in his arsenal. Thematically, Sanji is going up against the entire power of Germa 66. If Sanji can defeat Queen right here and now, it will be yet another victory against his father.

Vinsmoke Judge believes that compassion is detrimental to winning a war. Sanji proves that is not the case, as he will surpass the Germa 66 in this battle.

Sanji also proves he is not a weakling

@adts_onepiece Out of the monster trio it seems like Sanji is always given the role of protective the weak in the crew. Because of this he's had to fight incredible opponents like doflamingo and vergo at times where they were viewed as monstrous opponents.

The New World has not been kind to Sanji, as he lost against the likes of Vergo and Doflamingo. His battle against Queen will give him his first major victory in the longest time. One Piece Chapter 1034 is the first step in the right direction.

While Queen has not yet been defeated, Sanji is getting closer to his goal. The leaks state he uses a powerful combination of strong and speedy attacks, mixed with Haki and fire abilities.

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