The dark side of Naruto that people turn a blind eye to

Naruto: Dark aspects of the show that people tend to ignore (Image via Pierrot)
Naruto: Dark aspects of the show that people tend to ignore (Image via Pierrot)

Naruto, much like most shonen anime series, is packed with exciting fight scenes and a good amount of comedy that alleviates the tension.

Creator Masashi Kishimoto has weaved the plot in a manner that isn’t seemingly dark. And yet when the viewer pays attention to certain details, the obscured side becomes quite apparent.

One such question that was posted on Quora revolved around elements that make the show dark, but often gets ignored. When fans pointed out certain aspects of the show, one realizes just how dark and harsh the Naruto universe is.

Incidents in Naruto that prove how dark the show truly is

Children forced into a life of violence

The first thing any Naruto fan notices is the age of the children who are forced into situations that demand display of violence.

During the earlier stages of the show, fans saw how Hinata was compelled to fight against Neji. Following this fateful duel, Hinata was disowned by her father and was deemed unfit to lead the clan. When this incident took place, she was merely 10 years old.

Remember when Hiashi disowned Hinata and called her a failure who he doesn't care for because Hinata wasn't strong physically and was too soft. She doesn't need to be a leader for a clan who treated her like garbage. She deserves to live the life that she wants to and she has 😁.

During the Chunin exams, viewers get a glimpse of the sheer amount of violence young kids display in the Naruto universe.

Gaara, a shinobi from Sunagakure, showed no mercy as he took the lives of those competing against him during the course of the examination. Throughout the exam, Gaara did not hesitate or flinch before killing people and that shows just how normal it was for a young kid to kill people.

RIP to this random ninja Gaara straight up murdered in cold blood

Itachi Uchiha was just 13 years old when he killed his entire clan including his own parents. His younger brother, Sasuke, was just eight years old at the time and watched his entire clan and parents die to Itachi. The fact that an eight year old child’s goal was to kill his own brother shows just how dark Naruo is, as a show.

the trauma, very obviously, is the Uchiha clan massacre but there’s a much deeper part to it then at first glance

Themes of profound loneliness and low self-worth

It is hard to imagine the extent of the trauma caused to the protagonist, Naruto during his childhood. This young boy grew up without parents and to make things worse, he was a Jinchuriki. Everyone except a few would either scream in fear or run away just by looking at him.

The Jinchuriki has been treated the same way in every village.

The overwhelming loneliness can be something that can traumatize a person for years. Naruto has constantly displayed strength and courage in the face of adversity, making him an immediate fan-favourite.

Despite the light themes of comedy, love, courage, triumph of good over evil, Naruto does have a darker side that adds a further level of complexity and strong emotion to the anime.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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