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Naruto is well known to be a mischievous, fun-loving prankster throughout his series named after him, Naruto. He is beloved for his energetic behavior and knack for practical jokes, and right from the get-go, fans see him on the run after causing some mischief in the village. Thus, it’s no surprise that any divergence from this behavior is deemed strange.

Naruto’s story began when he was just a little child. As expected, Naruto matures throughout the series, gaining depth and variation in his personality. Growing up, Naruto made many difficult decisions and ultimately redefined himself. Most of these choices may seem quite out of character for the immature child he started out as.

Thus, this article looks at ten times Naruto acted out of character.

Naruto: Top 10 times Naruto acted unlike himself

10) Freezing during his forest mission

Naruto and his group are attacked by other ninjas during one of his first missions. Immediately, these ninjas seemingly defeated Kakashi. They then headed for Naruto and his teammates. While Sasuke puts up a good fight without hesitation, Naruto froze from his fear.

This meant that Naruto was unable to help Sasuke ward off the ninjas. Luckily, Kakashi faked his death and returned in time to save his pupils.

9) Asking Sakura for advice

Sakura is known for being a pariah in the Naruto community. Especially since many fans dislike her, it was surprising that Naruto would ask Sakura for advice. Regardless of his desire to grow as a ninja, Naruto seemed too headstrong to get help when needed.

sasuke being embarrassed when asking naruto what advice sakura gave him about chakra control 🥰

While on a mission, Kakashi makes Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura do an exercise. This exercise was built for the ninjas to harness their chakra. The young ninjas have to climb trees. Sakura outshines the two boys as she picks up the technique immediately. Both boys fail the task, falling out of the tree.

Naruto realizes that Sakura is undoubtedly better at it than him and Sasuke, and decides to ask her for advice.

8) Fumbling in the battle against Haku

During their battle with Haku, Sasuke is trapped inside a dome of mirrors while Naruto remains on the outside. Naruto finally decides to help Sasuke after getting attacked multiple times, even though he was not thinking straight. Sasuke already knew that Naruto would have been the ideal person to help him out of his situation. Naruto, however, was unaware of this for some reason.

1) This is the first major scene in my opinion. This is the first appearance of Kyûbi's power against Haku. (episode 16) #Naruto

Naruto idiotically climbs inside the dome with Sasuke. That is after Sasuke had already come up with an escape plan. Ultimately wasting their opportunity to gain an advantage.

7) Respect for Jiraiya

Naruto’s first impression of his mentor, Jiraiya, was not the most positive. This is largely due to Jiraiya’s arsenal of inappropriate habits. As a result, Naruto and Jiraiya did not agree. In fact, he consistently yelled at and argued with Jiraiya.

Happy Birthday to one of the bestest sensei and legendary Sannin, pervy sage Jiraiya🔥🔥🔥#naruto #narutoshipudden #Jiraiya

Later on, the pair are seen at a festival where they used this time to search for an ally of Jiraiya and allow Naruto to practice his Jutsu. Over the course of their time together, Naruto had a change of heart in terms of how he viewed Jiraiya. Showing that he not only respects Jiraiya as his mentor but as a parental figure.

6) Learning Shadow Clone Jutsu despite failing his exam

Naruto was not the most dedicated student. Although his dream was to become Hokage, he did not spend enough time practicing his Jutsu. The young ninja still hadn't perfected his Clone Jutsu, a basic ninja technique, even though he had several years to become a ninja by passing the exam.

Naruto's Shadow Clones are a force to be reckoned with! 🔥 What's your favorite jutsu?

After failing another exam, Naruto finally gets the motivation needed to change this problem. This spark of dedication resulted in him quickly picking up the forbidden Shadow Clone Jutsu, and Iruka finally allowing him to graduate.

5) Leaving Sasuke and Sakura behind

Naruto watches as Sasuke gets flung onto a bridge in their battle against a traitor. The bridge broke, which caused Sakura and Sasuke to fall into the water. Naruto defeats the ninja and rushes to the aid of his teammates.

They both survived, but Sasuke was still badly hurt and unconscious. Initially wanting to help, Naruto ends up leaving, under Sakura’s instructions. Agreeing that this is unlike him, as he would normally try to rescue everyone he could.

4) Disrespecting the Hokage

It’s well known that Naruto’s deepest desire is to become the Hokage of the Leaf Village. Over the course of the series, Naruto reveals that he indeed wants the respect and admiration that comes along with the Hokage title. This makes his disrespect of the Third Hokage all the more ironic, considering how he always talks about his Hokage dream.

And my dream is to be the greatest Hokage! That way, people will stop disrespecting me and start treating me like I'm somebody. Someone important-Naruto UzumakiNaruto: Shippuden: Season 1, Episode 1#masterjiraya #hokage #Naruto #NarutoShippuden #mangaseries #anime #Japanese

For example, Naruto rudely complains directly to the Hokage about the jobs that he and his team are being assigned. Instead of calmly making his complaints known, Naruto shouted at the Hokage and other nearby ninjas.

3) Befriending Konohomaru

As the outcast and orphan in the Leaf Village, Naruto rarely seems friendly with the other villagers. That was, of course, until he joined Team Seven with Sasuke and Sakura.

Shortly before Team Seven was formed, he met the Third Hokage's grandson, Konohomaru. After their initial meeting, Naruto reveals that he isn’t good with kids. Moreover, he dislikes Konohomaru.

However, Konohomaru quickly convinces Naruto to change his mind. The two soon became friends. He even became Konohomaru’s role model.

2) Trying to use Rasengan on Sasuke

Naruto, without a doubt, respects and cares about his teammates. This has been seen multiple times throughout the series. It is particularly seen when he rescues Sakura and fights alongside Sasuke whenever necessary.

+Naruto pulled out the Rasengan FIRST so Sasuke paid back with Chidori. They both almost killed themselves and Sakura doing so if Kakashi din't stop them in time. The fight was over. Sasuke realised Naruto's Rasengan was more powerful than his Chidori

However, the two are frenemies. There inevitably is always a point when the pair’s rivalry overwhelms the two of them. Naruto ends up trying to use his Rasengan on Sasuke, who counters by using his Chidori. Haven seen it firsthand, Naruto knows how dangerous his Rasengan could be. Yet, he still chose to attack his friend with it.

Fortunately for them, Kakashi was there to stop them from destroying each other.

1) Getting tricked by a fake Lee and Guy

One might think that spending years with a person means you could tell them apart from a fake. This was not the case for Naruto.

Even though Naruto has spent years training to become a ninja, two average ninjas somehow manage to trick him by pretending to be Lee and Guy. At that moment, he suddenly gains interest in Lee and Guy's training method. This prompts him to follow them around. The Fifth Hokage did not realize that the fake Lee and Guy had tricked the young ninja.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

Edited by R. Elahi

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