The infamous Sanji Gag has always been unbearable (and One Piece fans are just realizing it)

Vinsmoke Sanji as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)
Vinsmoke Sanji as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece Episode 1082 marked the finale of the Wano arc, cementing its status as one of the most ambitious and pivotal storylines in the series. Throughout this arc, characters like Momonosuke experienced significant development, but it was Sanji who took center stage.

As the Wano arc concluded, fans found themselves reflecting not only on Sanji's journey in the recent episodes, but also on his past escapades, particularly those in the Fishman Island arc.

However, amidst the celebration of the Wano arc's conclusion, a cloud of dissatisfaction looms among fans, as Sanji, a character with remarkable depth and a compelling narrative, seems to have been overshadowed by a recurring element – his nosebleed gag.

Disclaimer- This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series.

One Piece: Sanji's splendid character is ruined by nosebleeds

One Piece: Sanji having a nosebleed (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece: Sanji having a nosebleed (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece, renowned for its diverse characters, boasts a fanbase that adores and criticizes with equal fervor. In the Straw Hat Pirate­s team, Sanji holds a unique spot. He's wide­ly adored but also raises some e­yebrows.

The main discussion about him involves his e­xaggerated liking for women, which trigge­rs varied reactions from people­. This peculiarity, some say, turns him into a character whose joke-like behavior is tough to handle.

Sanji as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animations)
Sanji as shown in the anime (Image via Toei Animations)

Fans' discontent stems from the seemingly forced nature of Sanji's interactions with women, where his typically serious and analytical demeanor gives way to exaggerated comical relief, complete with nosebleeds at the mere sight of a woman.

While many were initially drawn to Sanji's character due to his unwavering resolve, unique fighting style (relying solely on his legs), and tragic backstory involving his mother's death and familial abuse, the consistent portrayal of his nosebleeds has marred his image for some.

Despite significant character development during arcs like Whole Cake Island and Wano, Sanji's reputation remains intertwined with his nosebleed gag. Some fans argue that these interactions are a deliberate choice by the series creator, Eiichiro Oda.

Others question why Sanji is singled out for such treatment, especially when other characters in the series are portrayed as multi-layered and lovable without relying on such gags.

The controversy reached a critical point during the Fishman Island arc, where a significant nosebleed moment left a portion of Sanji's fanbase disheartened, leading some to disavow his involvement in the arc altogether.

Many fans attribute this trope to the popular pervert tropes found in Shonen manga, expressing their disappointment at how it diminishes Sanji's character.

While the Wano arc managed to redeem Sanji's character in the eyes of some fans, there is a prevailing sentiment among the audience that it is time for Oda to retire the nosebleed gag. As fans continue to engage in discussions, the debate surrounding Sanji's character remains a testament to the complexity of character portrayal in the world of One Piece.

Final thoughts

Sanji's nosebleed gag has undeniably sparked heated debates among fans. While some view it as a blemish on his otherwise splendid character, others argue that it is merely a comedic device, a lighthearted quirk in a world filled with complex narratives.

Despite the dissension, what remains constant is the recognition of Sanji's greatness beyond the nosebleed trope. His unwavering resolve, unique fighting style, and tragic past have endeared him to millions, ensuring that his legacy transcends this gag.