The latest My Hero Academia drama CD has fans debating on Twitter about Kirishima’s preference

Kirishima has been trending on Twitter after the release of the Drama CD (Image via Studio Bones)
Kirishima has been trending on Twitter after the release of the Drama CD (Image via Studio Bones)

Since the release of the latest My Hero Academia drama CD, Kirishima Eijirou has been trending on Twitter with more than 10000 tweets. The reason for this being that in the drama cd, Kirishima refuses to kiss Midoriya Izuku, while under the influence of a quirk. Here is what happened and the reaction of the fandom on Twitter.

Warning: This article may contain some spoilers.

Kirishima trends on Twitter after the release of My Hero Academia Drama CD

In the drama CD accompanying the 4th Blu-ray edition of Season 5 of the anime, Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, and Midoriya get tricked by a villain, whose quirk can make people hug and kiss each other.

While the villain’s targets are Bakugou and Todoroki, Kirishima and Midoriya are also caught up in it.

Among the four students, apparently only Kirishima did not want to kiss another boy.

My hero academia fandom took that as confirmation for Kirishima being straight, or him being closeted. Which led to a barrage of tweets either lamenting or denying this notion.

Some have even taken it to confirm the pairing of Kirishima and Mina Ashido, who has been his friend since middle school.

Final thoughts

This is not the first time that My Hero Academia drama CDs have featured questionable incidents or issues of consent. They are quite controversial in the fandom, especially for forcing the fan favorite characters into unsavory situations for fan service.

The drama CDs are not canon, of course, but they are official. This causes many fans to question exactly how to consider the content they feature.

My Hero Academia fandom is infamous for shipping its characters, to the extent that mangaka Horikoshi had received death threats over not making any of the popular ships canon. Kirishima is a popular character, and has been continuously part of multiple pairings in the fandom, most of which are with other male characters.

Furthermore, My Hero Academia canon does not explicitly mention any relationships other than the one between Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako, and perhaps the one between Kaminari Denki and Jirou Kyouka.

Either way, the manga is currently at the cusp of the final war, with Class 1-A gearing up to fight All for One and the remaining members of the Paranormal Liberation Front , and hopefully, Kirishima’s importance and participation in the upcoming fight will be as appreciated by the fandom as this drama CD.

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