Twice's fate in My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 turns Twitter into a Sad Man's Parade

Twice's fate is revealed in the latest My Hero Academia episode (Image via Bones Studio)

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 was released earlier today, October 15, and it brought an exciting confrontation between Hawks and Twice to the forefront.

For manga readers, it's something they’ve been waiting to see since the series’ sixth season was announced. However, anime-only fans had no idea what would be in store for them come My Hero Academia season 3 episode 6, and it is gratifying to see how happy they are.

While the episode was certainly heart-wrenching, it was emotionally raw and intense in a way that impressed fans, much like the overall Hawks/Twice storyline.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 has fans sobbing as the tragedy of Twice unfurls

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 was a very exciting installment which saw Twice and Hawks finally confront one another in unadulterated fashion. The scenes of the confrontation were so emotionally charged that fans could not look away for a second.

Fans are particularly praising the performances of Hawks’ voice actor Yuichi Nakamura and Twice’s voice actor Daichi Endo. Misato Fuken is also being praised for her voice work in this episode as Himiko Toga, who makes a brief but poignant appearance when bidding farewell to a dying Twice.

The episode also offers an interesting perspective on the bonds forged amongst villains in this superhero society, even though the series focuses on the Pro Heroes and shows how their career paths, from training in high school to being top pros as adults, result in unbreakable bonds which last a lifetime.

It makes sense for villains to also find kindred spirits in their adventures, resulting in their own unbreakable bonds that are set to last a lifetime. Fans are praising how My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 depicts this concept in an uninhibited, honest manner.

Manga readers are also praising My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 for being the best adapted episode of the season yet. While prior episodes from season 6 aren’t adapted poorly, the latest installment has simply set the bar that much higher.

From an animation standpoint, fans are praising the episode for sporting some of the series’ flashiest scenes yet. Dabi using his fire on Hawks is one such scene while Hawks’ initial assault on Twice is equally impressive. The Sad Man’s Parade, which the lattermost unleashes this episode, is also a highlight for many.

One subtle detail related to the episode's events, which fans are seemingly celebrating, is the change in the ending theme. Instead of the scene featuring Shigaraki's appearance, fans were treated to an image of Twice and Toga together, followed by a shot of just Toga crying into her hands. Needless to say, this thoughtful detail made many fans emotional.

Overall, it’s clear that fans regard My Hero Academia season 6 episode 3 to be one of the series’ best yet, and certainly the best in this season so far. With even more exciting events on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to be a My Hero Academia fan.

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