What to expect from the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 & 3

Classroom of the Elite (Image via Studio Lerche)
Classroom of the Elite (Image via Studio Lerche)

Classroom of the Elite became the most popular anime in 2017. Season 1 was entirely based on the manga written by Shogo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. After a four-year interval, the anime is getting a second season.

Ever since the production company Studio Lerche announced the release of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and also Season 3, fans are having a hard time keeping it together. With the arrival of Season 2, it is best to recap the events of Season 1 before jumping right into what to expect from Season 2 as well as Season 3.

Everything to know about Classroom of the Elite Season 2 and 3

Plot overview and a brief recap of Season 1


Classroom of the Elite follows the story of Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a second-year student at Advanced Nurturing High School. Kiyotaka has a unique perceptive ability where he can read the emotions of others with utmost accuracy. The school has a peculiar system of granting allowance to students based on points.

Despite Kiyotaka being placed in the lowest-ranked batch of Class-D, he possesses remarkable intelligence that undermines his fellow classmates. He tends to use everyone around him as a tool.

This was due to his upbringing in the White Room, where everything besides education was removed from the student to make them an academic wonder. However, it turns them into a highly functioning sociopath, as in the case of Kiyotaka.

After meeting two of his classmates; Suzune Horikita and Kikyou Kushida, his situation begins to change, and his presumption of an ideal normal high school life begins to fade.

The finale of Classroom of the Elite’s Season 1 revealed how cynical the protagonist was. His real outlook towards others and his true motives aren’t what fans were expecting throughout the show. This is how Season 1 ended; on a cliffhanger, just what was expected from a classic light novel anime.

What to expect from Season 2 & 3


As Season 1 was adapted from the three volumes of the Classroom of the Elite manga, the next season would take on the fourth volume, which covers the “Cruise Ship Special Test Arc.” Season 1 didn’t dwell much into Kiyotaka's past, which would explain the true reason behind his behavior.

It is hinted that he could’ve easily been placed in a higher class like A-Class had he applied himself. Moreover, his true nature is still a mystery to his classmates, where he voluntarily sidelines himself to stay out of the spotlight and manipulate others from the shadows.

Aside from the main characters, the second season will also put a spotlight on Kei Karuizawa, Kohei Katsuragi, Mio Ibuki, and Kanji Ike, among others.

Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite will follow in the footsteps of Season 2, and will also depend on the required source material. The anime has 12 volumes, from which Season 1 is covered entirely from the first three. So it can be assumed that Season 2 might also cover the next three volumes, and that a similar pattern will be followed for the third season as well.

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