What is Plus Ultra in My Hero Academia?

All Might never give up in any situation (Image via Studio Bones)
All Might never give up in any situation (Image via Studio Bones)

"Plus Ultra" is a commonly heard phrase in My Hero Academia, but some fans may ask themselves what it means.

These particular words are strongly associated with All Might, who often cries them out in the midst of battle. Several characters in the series have been greatly influenced by the concept of Plus Ultra.

All Might was Japan's greatest hero for a reason. He always strived to push himself in My Hero Academia.

All Might also wanted the next generation of heroes to follow in his footsteps. It all begins and ends with his legendary motto.

Plus Ultra is a very important concept in My Hero Academia


All Might never gave up, whether he was fighting Nomu or his arch-nemesis All For One. That's what makes his battle cry relevant in My Hero Academia.

Here's a look at what it means to be "Plus Ultra."

It's a Latin phrase that means "further beyond"


"Plus Ultra" is Spain's official motto. It is a Latin phrase that means "further beyond." This is a philosophy that perfectly describes All Might's values.

Here is a relevant quote that fully explains the reasoning behind his words:

"If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists... remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit."

All Might was the eighth user of the One For All Quirk, having been passed down through several generations. Although it put a great physical strain on his body, he always pushed himself forward.

Izuku Midoriya understood this when he was given the OFA Quirk. He would regularly go far beyond what his body was capable of.

During the Sports Festival, Midoriya nearly defeated Shoto Todoroki, a top recommended student at the U.A. High School. Plus Ultra completely defines his character.

It's also the official motto of U.A. High School


U.A. is Japan's top academy for young hero prospects. It's also a major setting in My Hero Academia. The high school encourages its bright students with the following motto:

"Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!"

Fittingly enough, All Might is a faculty member for this school. He is among the many Heroics Teachers there, although he is arguably the most famous. His protege, Midoriya, is a student of this academy.

Most students look up to All Might in My Hero Academia. His actions and words have defined an entire generation.

All Might isn't the only hero that uses the phrase


For most of his pro hero career, Endeavor was deeply resentful of All Might. He always felt he was second best. After All Might's retirement, Endeavor knew he needed to step up his game as Japan's top hero.

During the Pro Hero arc, Endeavor encountered a High-End Nomu called Hood. No matter how many times he tried burning the creature, it would always regenerate itself. Not even a Prominence Burn could finish the job in My Hero Academia, so Endeavor had to go further.

After pushing his body far past its limits, Endeavor finally unleashed a new Super Move, PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn. This powerful technique put away the Nomu for good. All Might would've been proud of what Endeavor did.

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