When will Vinland Saga season 2 English dub be released?

When will Vinland Saga season 2 English dub be released? (Image via MAPPA)
When will Vinland Saga season 2 English dub be released? (Image via MAPPA)

Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga season 2 has begun, resuming the protagonist's adventure as an enslaved person at Ketil's farm. Prior to the premiere of the sequel, the series confirmed that it would have 24 episodes, just like the previous season. Furthermore, the season will be divided into two cours of 12 episodes each.

The first episode of Vinland Saga season 2, titled “Slave,” aired on both Netflix and Crunchyroll on Monday, January 9, 2023. While most fans are thrilled by the anime’s return, some are still wondering when the Vinland Saga season 2 English dub will be released.

Despite the fact that no official announcements about the anime's dub have been made as of yet, fans all around the world are hoping that the incredible voice actors who worked on the first season's English dub will return for the second. They're also curious about the actors attached to the new characters.

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Vinland Saga season 2 English dub will likely be released sooner


Due to the enthralling performances of the proficient English voice actors in the previous season, the English dub for Vinland Saga is more favored internationally. Most fans expected the English dub for the sequel to be released soon after the second installment's airing. However, the anime's dub has not yet been announced.

The first season of the anime received two English dubs produced by Sentai Filmworks and VSI Los Angeles of the VSI Group (Voice and Script International Ltd). The former initially released the dubbed version in home video format in the collector and standard editions. In contrast, the latter’s version was streamed on Netflix, as both companies are in a partnership.

As the English dub of Vinland Saga season 1 attained a laudable reception, fans can expect the dubbed version to be released before the first cour of the second installment ends.

Here’s the list of Vinland Saga’s Sentai Filmworks and Netflix English dub cast members from the previous season:

  • Thorfinn Thordarson - Mike Hainamoto, Aleks Le
  • Askeladd - David Wald, Kirk Thornton
  • Bjorn - Andrew Love, Ray Chase
  • Thors - Jason Douglas, Greg Chun
  • Thorkell - Joe Daniels, Patrick Seitz
  • Canute - Josh Grelle, Griffin Burns
  • Leif - John Swasey, Frank Todaro
  • Mord - Antonio Lasanta, Benjamin Diskin
  • Floki - Jay Hickman, Keith Silverstein
  • Helga - Patricia Duran, Julia Mcllvaine
  • Yiva - Olivia Swasey, Allegra Clark
  • Ari - Tyler Galindo, Billey Kametz
  • Grimm - Nathan Wilson, Patrick Seitz
  • Hakon - Ry McKeand, Chris Hackney
  • Magni - Gareth West, Kyle Hubert
  • Mois - Michael Wronski, J. Michael Tatum
  • Atli - Ty Mahany, Kaiji Tang
  • Torgrim - Orlanders Jones Sean Chiplock
  • The Ear - John Gremillion, Benjamin Diskin
  • King Sweyn - Luis Galindo, Jamieson Price
  • Ragnar - Rob Mungle, Kyle Hebert
  • Willibald - Kyle C. Jones, J. Michael Tatum
  • Asgeir - Blake Weir, Armen Taylor
  • Gratianus - Chris Rager, D.C. Douglas
  • Asser - Josh Morrison, Robbie Daymond
  • Lydia - Joanne Bonasso, Laura Post
  • Gunnar - Jeremy Gee, Tony Oliver
  • Narrator - Marty Fleck, Greg Chun

While it is yet to be confirmed if the English voice cast will reprise their roles in the sequel, fans are growing curious to learn who will voice Einar, Arnheid, Thorgill, Snake, Olmar, and other newly introduced characters.