Where do My Hero Academia movies fit in the timeline?

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (Image via Studio Bones)

Some fans may want to know when the My Hero Academia films take place in the current timeline.

There are currently three My Hero Academia movies that have been released. Two Heroes was released back in 2018, Heroes Rising arrived in 2019, and World Heroes' Mission came out in 2021. Their canonicity is often disputed, but they have a good amount of fans.

For those who haven't caught up with anime, these movies could spoil future plot developments.

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Where the My Hero Academia movies fit in the timeline


Regardless of whether they are canon, these My Hero Academia movies are a source of joy for many fans.

All the credit for the timeline of these movies goes to Reddit user ChronoKeep. Even the official Wikia used their post as a reference guide.

When does My Hero Academia: Two Heroes take place?


In the current timeline, the events of this movie take place right between the Final Exams and the Forest Training Camp arc. It should take place sometime in late July. During a plane ride to I-Island, Izuku Midoriya outrightly stated that he was on summer vacation.

Two Heroes is a film that focuses on a thrilling rescue operation. Villains managed to hack into the hero expo. The entire island is in grave danger, so it's up to Midoriya and his classmates to stop it.

Fans are in for a treat since All Might gets a series of flashbacks to his younger days. They get a chance to see him during his prime, which is always fun.

When does My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising take place?


The events of this film occur right after the Meta Liberation War, which take place in December.

Kyudai Garaki played a minor role in the film via a series of flashbacks. The villain didn't fully reveal himself until after he met the League of Villains, which is right before they fought the Meta Liberation Army.

Heroes Rising begins with a major villain escaping from custody. Through the use of multiple Quirks, he plans on attacking Nabu Island, which is where Class 1-A is currently staying.

Izuku Midoriya will have to work together with Katsuki Bakugo to bring down this major threat.

When does My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission take place?


The events of World Heroes' Mission take place between the Endeavor Agency arc and the Paranormal Liberation War, which occur in January. Remember, every subsequent movie takes place after the previous one. These are the only two arcs after the Meta Liberation Army, which is when the second movie happens.

This film needs to transpire before the Paranormal Liberation War. Without saying too much, that particular arc changes everything about the series.

There is no way World Heroes' Mission can happen by that point. It's reasonable to believe that it occurs right after the Endeavor Agency.

Either way, the plot involves a doomsday cult that is trying to destroy humanity. Class 1-A teams up with international heroes to put a stop to those plans. It's a very interesting look into the rest of the world.

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