Where to watch Undead Unluck anime? Streaming details explored

Undead Unluck anime and all the streaming details (Image via David Production).
Undead Unluck anime and all the streaming details (Image via David Production).

The Undead Unluck anime has quickly become one of the most popular series this year, which is amazing considering that, as of this writing, it only has three episodes out thus far. Now, David Production has done a phenomenal job capturing Yoshifumi Tozuka's manga, and Fuuko and Andy's dark comedic journey has gotten a lot of people's attention.

Therefore, considering that the Undead Unluck anime is quickly becoming very popular in the market, it's not surprising that a lot of people want to give this series a chance. Fuuko's "bad luck" abilities and Andy's constant desire to die is a combo that is both charming and hilarious, which is part of the series' charm and why so many folks want to have a crack at it.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Undead Unluck anime.

Fans can watch the Undead Unluck anime on Hulu

For those people who live in Japan and want to watch the Undead Unluck anime, the series is currently available on MBS and TBS. These are two of the most popular anime networks in the Land of the Rising Sun and reflect a bit on the interest that the series has generated.

On the other hand, for those outside of Japan who want to give the series a chance, Hulu is the best way to go in regards to watching this series. That platform has the streaming rights for the anime outside of Japan and they are currently showing the episodes as the series is coming out.

The premise and appeal of the story

Fuuko Izumo is a girl who lost her parents several years ago, because of which she had to spend most of her life in isolation. She is deeply depressed and wants to take her own life because she has the ability to cause bad luck to others, which is something that ruins the existence of other people.

Fuuko struggles massively to connect with others until she happens to meet an undead guy who is basically immortal and cannot die. He eventually takes the name of Andy and goes on to join Fuuko as the former wants to get a perfect death, leading to a lot of hilarious and fun moments as the story progresses.

The combination of Fuuko's struggles to socialize and Andy's borderline suicidal nature make for a very fun duo.

The Undead Unluck anime has several strengths and virtues but the biggest selling point is how Fuuko and Andy are two individuals with bad luck but they manage to make do with what they have. They are eventually hunted by an organization known as the Union as they want to take them down but, as the series progresses, they are offered the chance to work with them.

This leads to a lot of character development for Fuuko and also allows them to have great comedic moments and some truly memorable battles that highlight their growth.

Final thoughts

The Undead Unluck anime had a lot of appeal as a manga series and quickly became a favorite in the industry. Now, this David Production adaptation can push the franchise even further. The appeal of two characters trying to find their place in the world and combining an unlucky girl with a suicidal undead man was something that has become quite memorable thus far.