Who raised Naruto after Minato and Kushina died?

The protagonist's life after the death of his parents (Image via Pierrot)
The protagonist's life after the death of his parents (Image via Pierrot)

Fans are aware of Naruto’s extremely sad childhood that was showcased in the series. His father sacrificed his life in order to save his village from Kurama, the Nine Tailed Beast. His mother, Kushina, too ended up dying, leaving their beloved child all alone.

It was sad to watch the protagonist long for a parent figure in his life every time he saw a kid who would have an interaction with their parents. While it wasn’t really explored in the series, fans have been wondering who would have raised the protagonist when he didn’t have his parents around.

Who raised Naruto in the series?

Hiruzen promised Minato that he would be taking care of his son. However, Danzo looked at the young boy as a weapon who could be the reason for the destruction of Konohagakure.

The entire village ended up hating the young boy since Kurama was sealed inside him. It’s only fair to credit Naruto for taking care of himself and overcoming every single obstacle that was thrown his way.

Hiruzen ended up giving Naruto a house to live in, but beyond that, he couldn’t really raise the young boy when he needed it most. The Ramen-loving boy sought comfort by spending his time eating Teuchi’s Miso Ramen with extra Pork. The owner also gave him free ramen on multiple occasions.

The young protagonist also confided in his teacher, Iruka, who spent a lot of his time teaching and talking to him after classes ended. One of the most heart-warming scenes was when he surprised Naruto with a cake on his birthday.


It’s safe to say that Iruka was the closest to a father-figure he had, during the years of growing up. But even before he could attend the academy, he took care of himself since no one really raised him. Fans found it funny that the entire Akatsuki acknowledged him more than the people who lived in the same village.

Hiruzen Sarutobi (image via Pierrot)
Hiruzen Sarutobi (image via Pierrot)

In conclusion, it can be said that no one really raised him before he attended the academy. Even then, the only one who came close to raising him was his academy instructor, Iruka Umino. Despite all the hate he received from those around him, he decided to cast it away and become a strong Hokage to protect the very people that hated him.