Why is Hidan immortal in Naruto?

Follower of Lord Jashin (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Follower of Lord Jashin (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Naruto introduced a lot of interesting characters to the fans, and while all of them are Shinobi, some are scarier and fiercer than others like Hidan. He was a member of the 'Akatsuki' and his main power seemed to be his immortality. This made him impossible to kill, resulting in him becoming the perfect partner to Kakuzu.

However, how he, among everyone else, became immortal is a topic that the fandom has discussed over and over. Here is what they seem to think about it.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

How did Hidan become immortal?


As explained in the show, Hidan seemed to be a Shinobi from Yugakure, the Village Hidden in Hot Water. Surrounded by hot springs and tourist spots, the village soon turned into a tourist village and disassembled their Shinobi system. Hidan, being a firm believer in violence, believed that the essence of Shinobi life was to enact violence, and thus killed his neighbors before leaving the village.

After that, he seemed to have come in contact with a religious cult that seemed to worship a deity called Lord Jashin. Their primary rule seemed to be to kill as many people as they could while offering them up to Lord Jashin in a very ritualistic manner. The path of peace or anything other than mass murders seemed to be considered a sin in the eyes of Lord Jashin. Hidan seemed to have been granted immortality while practicing these secret techniques of Lord Jashin.

What are his powers?


Due to his immortality, he seems to have powers that sound impossible. He tends to draw a particular shape on the ground with blood after tasting the blood of his target, as part of his elaborate sacrificial ritual. This seems to connect both of them in a way that when Hidan hurts himself, his target also gets hurt in the same place.

Since Hidan is technically immortal, it becomes that much easier for him to kill his targets. Hence, the ensuing death of Asuma Sarutobi. The Shinobi world would possibly still face his threat if it was not for Shikamaru's genius that helped him blow Hidan into pieces and then trap him underground as revenge for Asuma.

Naruto seems to have given the fans as many interesting characters as techniques. Now, with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations hitting an all-time high in 2022, fans are eager to see even more new characters and Jutsus. Keep yourself updated on the same on Sportskeeda.

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