Why does Rock Lee look like Guy Sensei in Naruto? Duo's relationship explained

Possible reason for Might Guy and Rock Lee's similar looks in Naruto (Images via Pierrot)
Possible reason for Might Guy and Rock Lee's similar looks in Naruto (Images via Pierrot)

Rock Lee and Might Guy from Naruto are some of the most enthusiastic and hardworking individuals in the series, well-known for their mastery of Taijutsu. These characters have taken this technique to such an extent that they can keep up with some of the toughest and strongest shinobis who use Ninjutsu.

However, fans are wondering why the teacher-student duo looks that similar in Naruto.

'Naruto': Might Guy and Rock Lee's similar looks

One of the first things Naruto fans noticed is that both Guy Sensei and Rock Lee are pretty similar in appearance. Additionally, the series never explained why they look that similar. But many fans were able to connect the dots when they looked into Rock Lee's past.

Rock Lee, much like Might Guy, was someone who wasn't skilled when it came to utilizing chakra. This meant that he couldn't really perform Ninjutsus, considered essential in a shinobi's arsenal.

Before he joined Might Guy's team, Lee was bullied for not being able to perform Ninjutsu. He then joined Might Guy's team and spent all his life trying to master Taijutsu.

One of the first fights that had everyone's attention was when Rock Lee fought Gaara, and this fight displayed his prowess in Taijutsu.


He looked up to Might Guy since the latter, too, was someone who specialized in Taijutsu. Rock Lee wanted to emulate his teacher, who he respected so much. This is why Rock Lee wore a similar uniform and had the same haircut as Guy Sensei.

Rock Lee was inspirational as he was a product of pure hard work. He didn't have Kakashi's or Itachi's natural talent and only became a remarkably strong shinobi through training.

While it was not explicitly mentioned, it seemed like Rock Lee was Mighty Guy's favorite student. Guy saw himself in Rock Lee and decided to believe in him and train him to become a strong shinobi capable of safeguarding the citizens of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Many fans first assumed that the two characters were blood-related, which was not the case. Rock Lee merely looked up to Guy Sensei and wanted to echo some of his teacher's characteristics.