10 most unique uses of the Rinnegan in Naruto

Some unique uses of the Rinnegan (Image via Pierrot)
Some unique uses of the Rinnegan (Image via Pierrot)

Rinnegan is one of the most unique and powerful ocular jutsus in Boruto and Naruto. In both the series, there are characters who have showcased its true potential, which can be quite destructive.

At the same time, some of these characters also displayed unique abilities which makes this doujutsu quite powerful to wield. The likes of Madara, Sasuke and Momoshiki have shown one’s capabilities while wielding this doujutsu.

Note: The list is in no particular order.

Some of the Rinnegan abilities observed in Boruto

and Naruto

1) Tengai Shinsei


This is an extremely powerful technique that was displayed by Madara in Naruto. The Rinnegan user is capable of summoning a meteorite to a specific point. This technique allows the user to summon multiple meteorites.

2) Black Receiver


These are rod-like structures that perform the same functions as a demodulator. Except this serves as a demodulator for chakra signals that belong to a higher frequency range. One can use this as a weapon to stab someone and transmit their chakra as well.

In Naruto, Nagato used this ability to control Six Paths of Pain. The rods were manifested in the form of piercings that were embedded into the bodies. All six reanimated corpses had the Rinnegan and were able to share the vision with the main user.

3) Chakra Edible Creation

Chakra Edible Creation (Image via Pierrot)
Chakra Edible Creation (Image via Pierrot)

This is a unique ability of Rinnegan users who can absorb the body of the intended person by turning them into an edible form that resembles a Chakra Fruit. Upon doing so, the person can ingest the edible and gain access to the target’s powers while turning into a demonic being.

The Rinnegan user can also create chakra pills by absorbing the target’s chakra. This will grant its users temporary immortality. This ability was displayed by Momoshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto.

4) Takamimusubinokami

This technique was used by Momoshiki Otsutsuki which was quite destructive in Boruto. It essentially absorbed the chakra from the enemy’s ninjutsu on the user’s right hand, after which it got amplified and released from the left hand. The amplification was achieved by Momoshiki with the help of the aforementioned chakra pills.

This allows him to drastically amplify the enemy’s ninjutsu before releasing it onto the enemy. This could pose a lot of problems since the enemy’s ninjutsu is rendered useless.

5) Origami Replacement Technique

This technique was used by Urashiki Otsutsuki in Boruto. This move is quite useful when a Rinnegan user needs to flee from the battlefield without being noticed by anyone. Urashiki activated his Tomoe-less Rinnegan, following which he disappeared while leaving behind a bunch of glowing red paper cranes.

While performing this technique, Urashiki’s chakra was untraceable allowing him to flee the scene. However, the exact nature of this Rinnegan technique remains a mystery but Sasuke confirms that it has nothing to do with entering into another dimension.

6) The Six Path technique

The Six Path technique can be performed by every single Rinnegan user. The Rinnegan's wielder is equipped with seven different techniques, each of which has unique destructive abilities that are extremely powerful.

The seven techniques are the Deva Path, Asura Path, Petra Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Outer Path and Naraka Path. These techniques allow users to summon the King of Hell, read minds, absorb ninjutsu, mechanize their own bodies with destructive weapons and so on. This technique was taught to Obito Uchiha in Naruto.

7) Space-time Doujutsu by Sasuke


This is an unspecified ninjutsu that allows Sasuke to travel to different dimensions by creating a black spiral portal. However, this technique requires the user to use huge amounts of chakra.

Sasuke cannot use his Mangekyo Sharingan if he used this space-time Doujutsu. Another limitation is that only a few people can enter this portal in one go. With that said, it is an extremely useful doujutsu that is unique to Sasuke.

8) Temporal Rewind

Temporal Rewind is a technique that was used by Urashiki Otsutsuki in Boruto. This allows the user to warp into the past. When the Rinnegan user performs this technique repeatedly, they gain a form of clairvoyance by acquiring the knowledge of the events that would take place in the near future.

This technique comes with the risk of exposing the user to prolonged hazardous conditions owing to the fact that they experience more time compared to those around them.

9) Amenotejikara


This is another space-time jutsu that Sasuke uses in Boruto when he’s battling with enemies. This allows him to shift places with the enemy he’s targeting with the help of his Rinnegan.

While this is an extremely useful jutsu in battle, it has a very limited range which happens to be one of the major drawbacks. He can also swap places with the enemy when he’s restrained, binding the enemy instead.

10) Limbo: Border Jail


This technique was used by Madara Uchiha in the Naruto series. It allows him to project a clone or a shadow in Limbo which will have the same abilities as the user. Limbo coexists with the physical world but is almost impossible to detect.

This is a highly effective jutsu as the shadows do not take any sort of physical damage and it cannot be beaten by conventional means. The Limbo can only be sensed by those in the Sage of Six Paths mode.