Why was Saitama scared of Suiryu in One Punch Man?

Suiryu, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via Madhouse)
Suiryu, as seen in One Punch Man (Image via Madhouse)

Suiryu would be one of the most powerful characters in One Punch Man, who gave Saitama an overwhelming fight even though the latter could have crushed the former in mere seconds. Suiryu had a positive attitude towards his opponents in the Super Fight Tournament and was also courteous towards them.

He demonstrated his exceptional Martial Arts prowess which gave his opponents a taste of nothing but defeat. The protagonist of the show, who is the most powerful being alive, was also caught by surprise by Suiryu’s superhuman speed. Saitama intentionally tried avoiding Suiryu’s rapid blows and didn’t even land a hit on him.

Let's dig right in to find out why Saitama was scared of fighting Suiryu in One Punch Man.

One Punch Man: Was Saitama scared of Suiryu or something else?


Charanko was unable to enter the Super Fight Tournament because of the injuries he dealt while confronting Garou in One Punch Man. Charanko said that he forfeited the fight and handoverd the ticket to Saitama so that he can at least watch others fight. Saitama gets intrigued by the hype of the tournament and mostly about the prize money of ¥3 million.

He disguised himself as Charanko by wearing an orange wig and entered the tournament to try out his luck. Saitama encountered Sour Face, who apparently knew Charanko.

Sour Face disclosed all the rules and regulations of the tournament to Saitama, one being that no participant could wear a headpiece. Moreover, he stated that imposters would get disqualified with a hefty fine and could also be jailed.

Saitama made most of his opponents fly with his usual single punch but when it came to facing Suiryu, he became much more tense. Suiryu's lethal blows had no effect on Saitama, and the latter didn't even land a single punch onto the former because he was busy keeping his wig intact.

So in a nutshell, Saitama was just scared of getting disqualified if the tournament authorities found out that he was not Charanko in One Punch Man. The fear of losing the prize money also made him anxious, the only thing for which he had participated in the tournament in the first place.

However, Saitama eventually got frustrated by Suiryu's pessimistic views on Heroes and how he disrespected the efforts they put in to save the world. Saitama eventually removed his wig without caring about the consequences and punched Suiryu.

Suiryu won the tournament as Saitama was disqualified, but he still wanted to spar with the latter. To his surprise, not a single blow of his had an effect on Saitama.

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