Why is Naruto called Menma in Tenten's dream?

Naruto using Rasengan (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto using Rasengan (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Why is Naruto called Menma in Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream? Although the Namikaze surname does not come as a surprise, the name Menma came as a complete shock to some. To them, it felt as out of the blue as Neji's perverted antics in that dream, as the fans have always witnessed Neji as one of the most righteous characters in the show.

Now, although nobody has any control over a person's dreams, the name did seem to have sparked a lot of interest, not to mention debates from the fandom. As a result, they have tried to dig up some answers that can satisfy everyone's curiosity.

Note: This article contains spoilers!

Who is Menma Namikaze?

Menma Namikaze seems to be Naruto's alternate universe version and is quite unlike the Naruto Uzumaki the fandom is familiar with. He is far more serious, does not talk unless necessary, is a Chunin, and is well respected in the village. In fact, in this universe, his parents are still alive and he seems to have had a loving childhood, despite being a Jinchuriki.

In this version, it seems to show what Naruto's life could have been like if things were different. It appears to give the fans a rare glimpse into Naruto's alternate life, along with everyone else's. This is the Menma fans witnessed in Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream.

Why is Naruto called Menma in Tenten's dream?


To dig deeper into the matter, fans also suggested that Naruto was the name of the hero of Jiraiya's novel, which Minato read and then named his son after, and so is the case with Menma. Jiraiya came up with the name Naruto, while he was eating Narutomaki, a type of ramen.

So, according to them, in that alternate universe, Jiraiya also came up with the name Menma, which is also a type of food, specifically a topping for Naruto's beloved ramen. Hence, when Minato read Jiraiya's book in that alternate universe, he named his son Menma after the main character. There was also a mention of Menma in the Road to Ninja movie, although that is based on fillers. In that world, Menma again is once again that world's version of Naruto.


As such, Naruto's name being Menma in Tenten's dream seems to be an allusion to this. Although nothing can be confirmed, as Kishimoto never seems to have given a clear answer to these questions, fans have ended up concluding these facts themselves, albeit confusingly.

Even though the series ended a long time ago, Naruto is still one of the most talked about series in the anime world. This is likely because of its amazing characters and storylines. Now, with Boruto reaching its peak in popularity, fans are even more hopeful about upcoming adventures. Stay tuned here for more updates on the same.

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