Top 5 creepy Genjutsu illusions in Naruto

An example of Genjutsu's effects (Image via
An example of Genjutsu's effects (Image via

It’s no question that in Naruto, Genjutsu techniques have quite creepy illusions. Genjutsu is one of the three main Justsu types that allows for a person to cause their targets to hallucinate. This is extremely dangerous to the victim as it not only warps their perception of reality, but also makes use of Yin release.

This grants tremendous power to its users in Naruto as it allows for the defeat of an enemy without having to lay a finger on them.


Although Genjutsu techniques are hard to master, they are quite useful. The strongest ones in Naruto, however, happen to be exceptionally creepy. With that said, here’s a look at the top five creepiest Genjutsu illusions in Naruto.

Tio 5 Genjutsu illusions in Naruto that creep out even the veteran viewers

5) Obito Uchiha’s Genjutsu

Obito Uchiha was incorporated into Naruto as a master of the Sharingan. This is not surprising as some of his techniques were most definitely intense. This Genjustu affects victims' reality, giving them false experiences. Not knowing whether or not something is real, is creepy in and of itself.

Later in Naruto, Obito was able to use an unknown Genjutsu to trap Yagura Karatachi in an illusion. An illusion so strong that even his Tailed Beast, Isobu, could not wake him from his entrapment. Thanks to this, Obito played a major part in the Bloody Mist era of Kirigakure.

Ao was finally able to break Yagura out of his prison. Unfortunately for Yagura, this did not do much to save him as he ended up dying from the Genjutsu’s after-effects.

4) Izanami Genjutsu

Izanami is one of the two secret Genjutsu that the Uchiha family possess, that stops one of their eyes of light when used. So far, however, only Itachi Uchiha has shown the level of skill needed to use this technique in the Naruto universe.

Izanami allows the user to trap a person in an eternal loop of events. The only proven way to break this loop is the acceptance of one’s true self and fate. Being trapped in an eternal loop of events is enough to drive anyone crazy. Not only that but generally, these illusions were always intended to instill fear in the victims.

Matter of fact, in Naruto when this Genjutsu was used on Kabuto, he was forced to stop fighting. He then had to re-evaluate the path he took in life that led to this moment. Without this moment of introspection, Kabuto would have remained in the loop forever.

3) Izanagi Genjutsu

Known in the Naruto universe as the Forbidden Jutsu, Izanagi is the counterpart to Izanami. This is extraordinarily powerful, and without a doubt, one of the creepiest Genjutsu's in Naruto's history.

Izanagi allows an Uchiha to break the laws of nature, altering reality as a result. Thus, turning illusions into reality itself. Once operational, the user is in complete control of their own destiny for the duration of the activation.

Thinking about it, being gaslit is a scary thing. It causes victims to question their own sanity. Which is essentially what this Genjutsu does. Not to mention the visuals were often those that instilled fear.

In Naruto, Obito Uchiha could maintain Izanagi for five-minute intervals without any trouble. This, of course, was after he returned from death to kill Konan.

2) Tsukuyomi Genjutsu

Unique to Itachi’s Mangekyo Sharingan, Tsukuyomi is a powerful Genjutsu. When in use this technique entraps the target into a world of illusions.

A world where Itachi has all authority over space and time. Tsukuyomi's mere second could become eternity for the victim, disregarding the laws of physics, and putting the target through hell.

The mere thought of Itachi having control of everything in a person's world is more than enough to be bone chilling.


Itachi tortured Kakashi in the world of Tsukuyomi for three days, which only equated to a few seconds in the real Naruto world. With this in mind, Tsukuyomi is the only known and regular Genjutsu that can kill a person. Well, at least at the moment.

1) Infinite Tsukuyomi Genjutsu

Infinite Tsukuyomi is easily the strongest Genjutsu in Naruto, with an equal amount of creepiness.

This can only be performed by those possessing the power of the Rinne Sharingan. While activated, Infinite Tsukuyomi casts a moon that traps all creatures in its Genjutsu. With every single person trapped in its power, they slowly have their chakra drained from their bodies.

Over a period of time, those affected by Infinite Tsukuyomi are converted to White Zetsu.

The creepy aspect of this one is two fold. Looking up and seeing a moon likened to the eyes of the Uchiha family is enough to make someone shudder in fear. Additionally, the knowledge that the caster has full control over everyone, makes this Genjutsu worthy of its spot as the creepiest.