5 things you didn't know about Alex Rodriguez

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game One
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game One
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The name Alex Rodriguez is always sure to conjure a plethora of mixed reactions from baseball fans, from those who regard him as one of the best and most dynamic hitters of all time, to those who regard him as a cheater who did nothing but denigrade the reputation of the game.

Over the 22 years that A-Rod played in the league, there have been countless moments he is remembered for. Here are some lesser-known facts and moments that you might not have known about A-Rod.

5 things you didn't know about Alex Rodriguez

#1 Childhood in the Dominican Republic

When A-Rod was just four, his family moved to the Dominican Republic. Although both of his parents were Dominican immigrants to New York, his father, Victor, moved the family back to Santo Domingo in 1979. Young A-Rod and his family lived there until 1983, when they decided to move back to the United States, eventually settling in southern Florida.

#2 Football prospect

Besides being an (obviously) extremely gifted baseball player who batted over .400 at his Miami area High School, Rodriguez was also an extremely talented football star.

"NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino and Alex Rodriguez play some catch. A-Rod and Marino discuss meeting decades ago, playing football, and much much more."

He was a highly skilled quarterback who looked poised to lock down an NCAA football scholarship โ€” if he wanted it. Tris Moore, a teammate of Alex Rodriguez, said of his football acumen, "I just remember watching film with him, and him calling out defenses, what they were trying to do. It was incredible."

#3 He has had the most seasons with 100 RBIs

It seems baseball was the correct decision for Alex Rodriguez. Though his success was somewhat marred by his PED use, he has set a few interesting records. Among them is the fact that Alex Rodriguez had 14 seasons over his 22 years in the MLB where he had more than 100 RBIs, giving him a league record. A-Rod played for the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners.

#2 Family man

It is no secret that A-Rod has had his share of high-profile breakups. Most notable among them was his relationship with singer Jennifer Lopez. Entertainment media labeled the couple "J-Rod."

Alex Rodriguez says his daughters FaceTime him just to talk to Jennifer Lopez!
"Alex Rodriguez says his daughters FaceTime him just to talk to Jennifer Lopez!" - @ Entertainment Tonight

However, A-Rod is keen to keep his children out of the limelight. Rodriguez has two daughters, Natasha, 17, and Ella, 14. A-Rod has described his daughters as his best friends and aims to keep them shielded from media scrutiny.

#1 A-Rod the businessman

A-Rod became a minority shareholder in the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA in 2021. Recently, there have been musings that A-Rod may be interested in buying the organization outright. This was not his first foray into the world of business. A-Rod formerly owned a car dealership in Texas and became the chairman of Presidente, a Dominican beer company, in 2020.

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