Fact Check: Did the city of San Jose sue MLB in 2013 over Athletics' Oakland relocation?

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
Did the city of San Jose sue MLB in 2013 over Athletics' Oakland relocation?

The Oakland Athletics have moved one step closer to a Las Vegas shift. They have reportedly reached a deal with the city to build a new stadium to play in. Their time in Oakland hasn't been as fruitful as they would have hoped.

They have wanted to move cities for a long time. They hardly get fans in seats and the city isn't growing as they'd hoped. Much like their former Oakland counterparts the Raiders in the NFL, the A's are headed to Vegas.


Back in 2013, they almost went to San Jose. The team was at the time trying to leave its current city and San Jose was a prime candidate. When the move was blocked, the city sued.

An excerpt from the lawsuit the city filed reads:

"This action arises from the blatant conspiracy by Major League Baseball to prevent the Athletics Baseball Club from moving to San Jose. This action challenges—and seeks to remedy—Defendants' violation of state laws and use of the illegal cartel that results from these agreements to eliminate competition in the playing of games in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Part of the reason why the A’s couldn't move to San Jose was that the San Francisco Giants claimed that they had rights over the county and wouldn't share.

When will the Oakland Athletics move to Las Vegas?

The Oakland Athletics just entered a deal with Las Vegas to officially kickstart their move further East. The A's can't move just yet, though. Vegas does not have a professional baseball stadium at this time.

The Oakland Athletics are moving
The Oakland Athletics are moving

A new one will be built. Per the agreement, the A's are expected to be in their new Las Vegas home by the 2027 season. Construction will begin soon.

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