MLB fans blast Cardinals' Jack Flaherty as argument with Giants star sets off bench-clearing brawl: "Wade would rock his s**t"

Fans took exception to Jack Flaherty
Fans took exception to Jack Flaherty's role in the incident

It was another poor performance for Jack Flaherty and the St. Louis Cardinals as the team fell to 8.5 games back of first. Flaherty posted just 4.1 innings with 10 hits, six runs, three walks and three strikeouts. His poor performance may have contributed to a benches-clearing incident in the fifth inning of the eventual 11-3 loss.

Flaherty seemed to take issue with Giants star LaMonte Wade Jr., who is usually a very even-tempered player. The pitcher began walking over towards the Giants' dugout and appeared to be hurling obscenities in Wade's direction.

Coaches and umpires got involved and eventually, the benches cleared out onto the field. There was a lot of shouting, mostly between Flaherty and Wade, but no physical fighting. It eventually ended and teams returned to their benches and the game resumed.

MLB fans think this incident was mostly Flaherty's fault and they're taking the opportunity to rip him to pieces.

Flaherty may have been frustrated with his poor performance and let out his aggression on the field. Many MLB fans believe there's no way LaMonte Wade Jr. of all people had done something worthy of this incident.

Flaherty, on the other hand, has a bit of a reputation for this kind of thing. That has fans believing that he simply overreacted and this whole bench clearing was over nothing.

Jack Flaherty continues to struggle for the Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals, who have All-Star players and MVP finalists from 2022 (including the NL MVP), are in dead last place. After the latest loss, they're 8.5 games behind. Their pitching staff, led by Jack Flaherty, has been the main issue.

Jack Flaherty has had a rough go
Jack Flaherty has had a rough go

Flaherty has not been great this year, with a 4.64 ERA. His velocity has been down, which many believe is a sign of decline. He got testy when asked about that once:

"The next time somebody wants to mention the velocity on my fastball, I'm not going to answer that question. I'm going to play with the velocity of my fastball based on what the game calls for. I can get outs if I need to get outs at 95. I'm going to play with it. I've always played with it. I've thrown frickin' fastballs at 87 before in games when I've been at my best."

He will need to turn things around if the Cardinals are to emerge from the basement and defend their crown.

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