MLB fans react to Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Ronald Acuna Jr., and Fernando Tatis Jr. hanging out amidst free agency

The trio of All-Stars were pictured together during the offseason
The trio of All-Stars were pictured together during the offseason

Ronald Acuna Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Fernando Tatis Jr. are three of the premier talents in Major League Baseball. The Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres superstars were recently pictured together.

Some friends hanging out(via @NickDrbal)

Despite none of these players being eligible free agents yet, MLB fans can't help but wonder about these three players hanging out together. It's not uncommon that MLB stars are friends, even those who play in such different areas.

Toronto, Atlanta and San Diego are nowhere near each other and the teams don't play all that often. Still, these three have formed a friendship that has fans talking.

@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal Multi Millionaires and none of them can dress 😭
@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal Vlad and Tatis to the braves confirmed
@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal I was wondering who the Padres would have at first base and outfield this year with Profar and Bell out of the picture 🤣🤣 good job Tatis!
@Kieran_k2 @TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal All going to look nice in Braves uniforms. 🙏
@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal One does steroids. one is a world champ. One is the son of a hall of famer
@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal Baseball players are cool but the worst dressed athletes. Lol
@TalkinBaseball_ @NickDrbal all future blue jays im afraid

Many fans were distracted by the athletes' choice of clothing, especially Acuna Jr., but others couldn't help but wish their team could put together one of the best trios in baseball with those three.

Acuna Jr. is on a lengthy extension with the Braves and won't be a free agent until 2029, when he is 31 years old. Guerrero Jr. won't be an unrestricted free agent until 2026 as he has three years of arbitration left.

Tatis Jr. has the largest contract of all three of them, as he's tied to the Padres through the 2034 season.

Still, this is often the time of year when big trades are made, though each team would have to receive an insane haul to even consider shipping off one of baseball's premier talents.

Potential new teammates for Acuna Jr., Tatis Jr. and Guerrero Jr.

Despite these three not being moved in all likelihood, their teams will continue to try and build around them.

The Padres need a first baseman now, and Anthony Rizzo would be a perfect choice for them. They may also look into adding a top pitcher like Justin Verlander, Jacob deGrom or Carlos Rodon.

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four

The Braves always like to add pitching, so any of those three would be of interest there, too.

The Blue Jays could use starting pitching but they could also use relief help. They may look at Will Smith, Corey Knebel or others.


All three are playoff-caliber teams, so they may not make a big swing, but they'll certainly try to continue building around their stars.

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