New York Yankees fans react to report that San Francisco Giants put Aaron Judge in touch with Steph Curry

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays
New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Aaron Judge has apparently been put in touch with superstar basketball player Steph Curry and his camp. The San Francisco Giants are trying everything to land the reigning American League MVP. They're hoping that Curry can sway Aaron Judge away from the New York Yankees.

Judge landed in San Francisco on Monday for a meeting with the Giants. Multiple San Francisco players took to social media in an effort to get the superstar to sign with them. It was a team effort, across the board.

The Giants are pulling out all the stops in their pursuit of Aaron Judge

Curry, meanwhile, plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA and is the face of San Francisco. He will no doubt want the city to have another face to look up to.

Fans weren't too pleased to hear that the Giants are bringing in other world-class athletes to help them recruit. They think the move is corny. They'd rather see the Giants make Judge an offer instead of bringing in other athletes to sweeten the pot.

"Why they tryna butter him up?? lol desperate times call for desperate measures," one fan said.
why they tryna butter him up?? lol desperate times call for desperate measures…
"Just make the guy an offer, this is corny," another fan argued.
Just make the guy an offer, this is corny…
@nyknicks or @BrooklynNets please send your best and brightest to counteract this.…
How are the Yankees allowing this?…
It's so good of Steph to meet with Aaron and tell him how great it is to play for one team your whole career!!!! Thanks for setting this up @SFGiants…
@JomboyMedia Yankees gotta get Jeter, Mattingly, posada, and Mariano together with like manning and OBJ or something lol
@JomboyMedia We should send Julius Randle to talk to Judge
@JomboyMedia With due respect to Curry, who’s a good guy, why would this be a factor at all to Judge? As if he’s a 12-yo child.
@JomboyMedia I think Judge knows what’s in SF and what’s in NY. Star power a little higher in NY. It’s just a matter if he wants to go back and play where he grew up, or does he want to be an iconic NY sports hero for the rest of his life with all the perks that come with that.

Some New York Yankees fans don't think that bringing in Steph Curry will give the Giants much leverage. While living in the same city would be cool, they don't play the same sport. New York fans joked that they could put Judge in contact with some of the New York Knicks and Giants players instead.

The San Francisco Giants, meanwhile, are in a good spot to sign Judge. He grew up in California, rooting for them. If there was ever a time when Aaron Judge wanted to play for the team he grew up rooting for, this is it.

Is Steph Curry's influence enough to sway Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees?

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three

Judge is searching for an end-game contract. While having connections to Steph Curry in the Bay Area would be nice, it's ultimately going to come down to the money he is paid.

The San Francisco Giants have mentioned multiple times that nobody is outside of their financial realm. They also added former catcher Buster Posey to the ownership group, and he could lend his hand in helping recruit Judge.

We'll see if San Francisco has enough to sign the superstar soon.

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