"Get a f****ng hit" "A guy that's batting .223 and wants $500 million" - Washington Nationals fans roast Juan Soto after he beats the heat in a unique way

Juan Soto reacts after striking out during a Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers game.
Juan Soto reacts after striking out during a Washington Nationals v Milwaukee Brewers game.

This season has not gone the way the Washington Nationals or Juan Soto hoped it would. With the team squarely in last place in the National League East, their fans are not in a laughing mood. The Nats can't even post a harmless video of their superstar trying to cool down before a game against the Philadelphia Phillies without drawing the ire of their fans.

Jomboy Media posted the video of Soto to Twitter.

Juan Soto is really just a big kid 🤣

This video did not have the intended effect. Many in the audience who saw it used it to take shots at their underperforming star.

This fan in particular had some harsh words in response.

@JomboyMedia He’s playing like one too. Get a fucking hit

While the team has underperformed this season, seeing the players still having fun is reassuring to some. It enrages many, many others.

Washington Nationals star Juan Soto tried to beat the heat but got roasted instead

Juan Soto is the face of the franchise.
Juan Soto is the face of the franchise.

Juan Soto has been one of the lone bright spots of the Washington Nationals roster since they won the World Series in 2019 over the Houston Astros, but with trade rumors swirling around him, fans are at the end of their rope.

This video of Juan Soto getting sprayed down by a hose on a hot June day is not really what upset so many fans, but it did provide an excuse to vent about the state of the team.

This fan calls out the superstar for wanting a new contract, while failing to perform at a superstar level.

@Nationals A guy thats batting .223 and wants $500 million

This user hopes the spraydown can return Juan Soto to the level of offensive play we have come to expect from him.

@Nationals Hopefully it will bring back his hitting powers. 🤷🏿‍♂️

This fan thinks the Washington Nationals superstar is not as good as advertised.

@JomboyMedia So overrated it’s unbelievable

This fan echoes the sentiments of many in the replies that referred to Juan Soto as a kid.

This MLB fan hopes that the superstar will leave the organization soon, feeling that he is not being used in the right way.

@JomboyMedia Hope the kid gets away from that franchise. No help at all there. Cheap owners need to sell asap.

This fan encapsulates many in the replies, who were attempting to lure Juan Soto toward their team in a trade, whether it be the Chicago Cubs or New York Yankees.

@Nationals The one we are flirting a trade with?

Juan Soto took to the field and had fun, a great sign that he is not allowing recent struggles to get him down, but the fans responded with such anger that it would not be surprising if he thinks twice before showing his personality next time.

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