Is Bryce Harper playing today? Phillies star set to return soon from Tommy John surgery

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Is Bryce Harper playing today?

Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper has not been on the field yet this season. Following his team's impressive run to the World Series, Harper was forced to have Tommy John surgery, but a return is imminent.

As things progressed, Harper and the Phillies got good news at almost every turn. First, it was reported that he would be back sooner than expected. The club then stated that he likely wouldn't need to go through a minor-league rehab stint.


Now, it looks like he'll return this week. He's not expected to play today on Monday, but the Phillies expect him to be back possibly on Tuesday. He will undergo an examination today to determine that.

How will Bryce Harper return to the Phillies?

Bryce Harper has worked out at different positions, including first base, to find a way to get him in the lineup. He would likely be a DH since his elbow probably won't be cleared for throws from the outfield just yet.

Bryce Harper is on his way back
Bryce Harper is on his way back

This idea would also allow either Nick Castellanos or Kyle Schwarber to DH and since both are relatively poor defenders, this would help the team's production.

Phillies GM Dave Dombrowski said of Harper's recovery via ESPN:

"He's absolutely amazing. He's a great athlete. He works hard. He's focused. He wants to get back. I mean, it's amazing what he's accomplished. We have that next step [with the doctor to clear him]. But the progress he's made is phenomenal."

It's been a pretty short turnaround from a serious surgery for Harper, barring any unforeseen issues in his examination today.

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