Los Angeles Angels fans dismayed by decision to bring interim manager Phil Nevin back for the 2023 season: "Can't believe Ohtani CHOSE to play for this team", "Just dissolve the franchise already"

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels
Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels are bringing back their interim manager Phil Nevin to manage the club for the 2023 season. Nevin took over for Joe Maddon, who was let go by the organization midway through the season. Both sides agreed to a one-year deal on Wednesday.

Nevin was the third-base coach for the Los Angeles Angels prior to Maddon's firing. Since taking over the team, the Angels have gone 46-60. They were officially eliminated from playoff contention in mid-September. The season has been one to forget, but the organization wants to see what Nevin can do with a full offseason to prepare.

The Angels agreed to terms on a 1-year deal with Phil Nevin to return as manager, the team announced.

Los Angeles Angels fans aren't too pleased with the announcement. They don't believe that Phil Nevin is the right man for the job. He hasn't shown that he's capable of turning this organization around.

Fans were hoping to move on from Nevin this offseason, or at least let him return to coaching third base. They want the organization to search for a manager who can bring real promise to a team that is better than what their record shows.

"Can't believe Ohtani CHOSE to play for this team, what a waste" one fan cried.
@MLBONFOX Can't believe Ohtani CHOSE to play for this team, what a waste.
"Hahahahahaha wow. Just dissolve the franchise already. New name, new city." another fan proposed.
@MLBONFOX Hahahahahaha wow. Just dissolve the franchise already. New name, new city.
@MLBONFOX Nothing says “I have confidence in you” than a one year deal..
@MLBONFOX this franchise is so unserious, that long playoff drought ain’t ending soon!
@MLBONFOX LMAO 😂 Why?!?!? Gotta waste another year of Trout and Ohtani, I guess
@MLBONFOX Thank You - The Astros
@MLBONFOX Devoted to losing

Some fans believe the team isn't serious heading into the 2023 season. They feel as if the Los Angeles Angels are going to waste another year of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani's careers. Fans don't want to see the pair miss the playoffs yet again next year.

The Los Angeles Angels need to get serious or let Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani walk

Oakland Athletics v LA Angels
Oakland Athletics v LA Angels

The Los Angeles Angels' inability to be competitive is terrible not only for LA fans, but for baseball fans as a whole. MLB fans are yet to see Shohei Ohtani play under the brightest of lights in the postseason. Being arguably one of baseball's best current players, he needs to be competing in October.

The Angels have two MVP Award winners on their team. It doesn't make a lot of sense why they've been consistently bad. The level of play both Trout and Ohtani bring to the team every day should reflect more than a sub .500 winning record.

MLB fans deserve to see the pair competing in the playoffs consistently. The Angels need to get serious and contend while Trout and Ohtani are both playing at elite levels.

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