Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng is full of faith in Jazz Chisholm's ability to move to the outfield: "We think he can make this transition"

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Can Jazz Chisholm man centerfield for the Miami Marlins?

The Miami Marlins need a centerfielder, but they may end up putting infielder Jazz Chisholm out there. The market for centerfielders was thin this offseason and as a result, with an overabundance of infielders, Chisholm might be trying his hand out there.

Making that transition for a player who's only ever been an infielder can be very tough. Marlins GM Kim Ng has the utmost faith in her star player making that change, though.

With @J_chisholm3 moving to centerfield, Kim Ng believes he is up for the challenge. #Marlins | @Marlins

Ng detailed the search for an outfielder and why they landed on Chisholm instead:

"I can tell you my staff and I, a handful of us, got to it at different times- this idea of Jazz playing center... We were never really prepped to make that kind of move until this year. We took a look at the centerfield market, both free agency and via trade."

There simply weren't many other options:

"We looked at it for this offseason as well as next offseason, and the market is just really thin. Clubs, if they have a good centerfielder, unless you're the Diamondbacks with three or four of them... we did go after a number of those guys as well."


As a result, they had to look internally and Chisholm is where they landed:

"It's obviously a premium position and they're just not easy to come by. We feel, Jazz is a dynamic athlete. We think he can make this transition."

For the time being, Jazz Chisholm appears poised to be the Miami Marlins' next centerfielder.

Centerfield options for the Miami Marlins beyond 2023

Since the Miami Marlins are putting Jazz Chisholm in the outfield barring a change, it's important to wonder whether he'll stay there or not. If he wins a Gold Glove like he said he would, then he probably will.

Can the Miami Marlins count on Jazz Chisholm?
Can the Miami Marlins count on Jazz Chisholm?

If not, the Marlins will need a full time outfielder to play there. Here's the 2023 free agent class for outfielders who could take that role:

  • Enrique Hernandez
  • Kevin Kiermaier
  • Tommy Pham
  • Harrison Bader
  • Michael A. Taylor
  • Kevin Pillar

Once again, there aren't a ton of options in 2023, so the Marlins are likely hoping the Chisholm experience works out.

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