MLB The Show 24: Latest update causes glitch that gives gamers unprecedented access to previously off-limits players

Latest update of MLB The Show 24 allegedly gave gamers access to Real 99 players for the first time ever
Latest update of MLB The Show 24 allegedly gave gamers access to Real 99 players for the first time ever

It's been nearly three weeks since the global release of MLB The Show 24 and the developers at Sony San Diego are still ironing out some of the bugs and issues plaguing the game. That being said, while there have been several issues that the team has had to fix, the game has received plenty of love from gamers online.

Although there have been a number of updates to MLB The Show 24 that have addressed some of the problems that the game has been plagued with, there was a ton of buzz about the latest update.

According to online gamer @ancelarmstrong_, the latest update to MLB The Show 24 gave gamers a taste of something that they have never had before. After the latest update, gamers were reportedly able to access the Real 99 players for online multiplayer matches, something that has always been reserved for the actual MLB player.

"Ummm. I think co op is broken LOL. It currently let's you just be able to bring any card that exists in the game, even if you don't own it" - @ancelarmstrong_

The Real 99 player cards for online games have long been reserved for actual MLB players, which allowed average civilian gamers to match up against a real-life superstar. Some other MLB players who have their own card for online gaming include Jackson Holliday, Pablo Lopez and cover athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

These cards have long been promoted to allow gamers to know whether or not they are playing against a true MLB player. However, according to the online posts, gamers have been able to access these Real 99 players, giving them the ability to use a number of cards that have previously been off-limits for the average MLB The Show 24 player.

MLB The Show 24 has had a number of issues that have gone viral on social media

While this latest glitch allegedly allowed gamers access to the Real 99 cards of stars such as the Pittsburgh Pirates' Henry Davis, that is a generally positive error. That being said, there have been a number of issues that have plagued the latest release of the beloved franchise.

"We are aware of the current issues and working to get them resolved. Thank you for your patience." - @MLBTheShow

One of the major problems that gamers have widely covered has been the connectivity issues that have caused the game's servers to crash. It remains to be seen how long these crashes will happen, but the developers have been open on social media, apologizing whenever it takes place.

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