"They are every bit as responsible for this as John Fisher" - MLB Insider blames all 30 team owners for Athletics' unclear future

Ken Rosenthal believes all 30 team owners are responsible for the Athletics
Ken Rosenthal believes all 30 team owners are responsible for the Athletics' unclear future

Athletics owner John Fisher has been the hot topic of discussion after A's future started looking uncertain. Since proposing the mandate of shifting the ball club to the Sincity last year, it has been a topsy-turvy ride for the ballclub from Oakland with no solutions in sight.

John is hell bent on constructing a new stadium for the A's in Las Vegas, while city mayor Sheg Thao recently stated that this business proposition was improbable as the Athletics are set to hit a new low in the upcoming season of baseball. Added to that the ballclub might be without an interim stadium to play at from 2025–27 and the ownership is also facing backlash from fans.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal voiced his doubts over the A's uncertain future and exclaimed that all other team owners and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred were partially responsible for this predicament.

The majority of owners had already given green light to John Fisher's proposal to construct a new ballpark for the Athletics.

"Any rational person looking at this from the outside has to be scratching his or her head and saying whoa is this really the way we should be going. [They] approved it, they are every bit as responsible for this as John Fisher is. [They] being the 30 major league owners and the commisioner. We'll see what happens" - Ken Rosenthal via Foul Territory

The lack of appropriate government support is one of the numerous barriers to the Athletics' planned relocation to Las Vegas.

Mayor Sheng Thao stated that she hasn't spoken to Commissioner Rob Manfred since July and hasn't spoken to John Fisher since he proposed the idea of moving the ballclub in early April 2023.

This is among the reasons why many people think Oakland would go back on the franchise's scheduled departure, which has already a site chosen and a deal in place.

Speculative buyers for the Athletics may look to keep a hold of the ballclub in Oakland

Oakland mayor Sheng Thao had previously voiced concerns over the proposed move by John Fisher and claimed that their were potential buyers in the lineup to uplift the Athletics from the slump and, moreover, intended to keep the ballclub instated in the city of Oakland.

There are questions about whether the $1.5 billion ballpark will be completed in time for its scheduled 2028 opening, as well as how feasible it will be to install a dome on the nine-acre Tropicana site.

Consequently, Thao had mentioned that discussions on building a stadium at Howard Terminal or the Oakland Coliseum were still going on, which would see the A's stay in Oakland.

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