"They should offer Bryce Harper for Juan Soto. I would do it in a heartbeat" - Blockbuster trade proposed by talk show host could be the highlight of 2022 trade deadline

Bryce Harper and Juan Soto celebrate together after scoring back in 2018.
Bryce Harper and Juan Soto celebrate together after scoring back in 2018.
Sahir Bhojwani

The Juan Soto trade story is one of the hottest topics in baseball. It seems as if half the teams in the league are trying to put packages together to acquire the 23-year-old All-Star. What teams are slowly realizing is that it will take a lot to tempt the Washington Nationals to move their star outfielder.

Enter 94WIP's talk show host Joe Giglio, throwing the Philadelphia Phillies' hat into the ring. Per Audacy, Giglio suggested that the Phillies trade Bryce Harper for Juan Soto.

"They should offer Bryce Harper for Juan Soto. I would do it in a heartbeat," said Giglio.

The trade proposal isn't terrible considering both players are All-Stars, play the same position, and have extremely high salaries. While Juan Soto may be looked at as more of a power hitting specialist, Bryce Harper could be categorized as a five-tool player.

Won a Derby with the Nationals:2018 - Bryce HarperA National for 2 1/2 more months2022 - Juan SotoA National for ? more months/weeks?

Age is probably a key factor here when determining who is the most valuable asset. Juan Soto, 23, is an emerging star with a lot of growth potential. At such a young age, the Dominican already has 555 major league games and 1,924 at-bats under his belt. Bryce Harper, on the other hand, turns 30 in October and has played 11 seasons in the majors.

Juan Soto is the most sought-after player in the league after rejecting the Nationals' latest offer

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals
Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals

Injuries may be another issue for a Washington Nationals organization that is looking for long-term stability. Harper's career has been riddled with injuries and lengthy spells on the sidelines. He has suffered significant injuries to his thumb, hip, knee, back, shoulder, neck, finger, and elbow in his career. On June 26, a broken left thumb placed Harper on the injured list and he is yet to return.

One thing the Nationals don’t want for Juan Soto is the return of Bryce Harper. If Nats trade him, it will be for a half-dozen top prospects - not a $$ player with a decade left on his contract

Both players will demand a hefty wage package. Harper is not even halfway through a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies. Soto has just rejected a 15-year, $440 million offer from the Nationals. Soto's wage demands might be too high and risky for a Phillies organization that already has the fourth-highest payroll in the league.

Joe Giglio did make one very interesting point that could justify the Nationals taking a chance on Harper. He was a hero and a fan favorite during his seven years with the organization. His name alone will attract fans to the ballpark and sell seats.

"I don't think the Nationals would hang up the phone. They have new ownership coming in. Bryce Harper, at one point, was going to be the best player in Nationals history. He can continue the trajectory by going back," added Giglio.

It's hard though to see the Nationals taking a chance on a 29-year-old, injury prone, highly priced Harper. The organization has made clear their intentions to rebuild and is looking for younger prospects to develop instead of ready-made stars.

Fans would love to see big name trades at this point in the season. This would be one of the biggest in years and could provide both franchises with solutions to their on-field and off-field issues.

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