"This announcer can’t catch any breaks" - Fans troll A's commentator as Jose Siri crushes home run immediately after being written off

Fans troll A
Fans troll A's commentator as Jose Siri crushes home run immediately after being written off; GETTY

On Thursday, the Oakland Athletics continued their struggles with a 6-5 defeat to the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. The A’s lost the series 2-1 and are fourth in the AL West (23-35).

Richie Palacios’ RBI single won the game for the Rays in the 12th inning. Meanwhile, the A’s broadcaster, Jenny Cavnar, made one of the game’s highlights.

In the ninth inning, when the Rays were trailing by one run, Cavnar mocked Rays’ centerfielder Jose Siri by saying that it was not his day. On the next pitch, he homered A’s Mason Miller to tie the score.

Fans picked social media to enjoy the broadcasters’ on-air prediction that didn’t go well and have some light-hearted moments with her.

“This announcer can’t catch ANY breaks,” a fan commented.
"She is legitimately terrible at her job," a fan tweeted.
"Can someone please make a compilation of this lady’s bad calls? I can’t get enough. She rocks," a fan wrote.

On Wednesday, Siri’s walk-off single won the game for the Rays. Today, he hit a solo moon shot in the second inning to extend the team’s lead to 3-0. However, he failed to do any more damage in later at-bats til the ninth inning.

When the A’s seemed to have confirmed victory with only two outs remaining before wrapping the game, Jose Siri hit his second homer of the day, tying the score.

"How does this lady have a job seriously," a fan said.
"If I could frame a tweet and hang it on a wall, this be it," a fan commented.
"Siri needs to be humbled badly," a fan tweeted.

Jose Siri has contributed 17 RBIs, 18 runs, and five home runs in 45 games with a .614 OPS. In his last three games, Siri went 5-for-11, scoring five RBIs and two home runs. The Rays are fourth in the AL East with a 28-29 record.

Jose Siri solely focused on Mason Miller to win the game

Mason Miller has been one of the best relievers for the Oakland A’s this season. Including today, he has earned only four runs in the last 15 games while pitching in 19.0 innings. It seemed another closed game for him when he struck out Jonny DeLuca.

With only two batters left, the game was practically over for the Rays until Jose Siri stepped into the batter's box.

“He [Mason Miller] throws 100 to 103 (mph),” Siri said through a translator, via Associated Press. “I was trying to stay as short as I could. I was just trying to connect however I can.”

Siri connected so well that the ball got over the left field, giving Miller his first earned run since last week's game against the Colorado Rockies.

On Friday, the Oakland A’s will visit Atlanta for a three-game road series against the Atlanta Braves. Meanwhile, the Rays will face the division rivals, the Baltimore Orioles.

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