Who won the College World Series Jello Shot Challenge? All-time record broken, Guinness World Record set at Rocco's

Who won the College World Series Jello Shot Challenge?
Who won the College World Series Jello Shot Challenge?

At the College World Series, the Jello Shot Challenge became as big as the actual baseball. While teams have duked it out on the diamond, their fans have duked it out at Rocco's the last few years, where the competition gets larger than life.

The College World Series Jello Shot Challenge requires fans of teams to purchase the drinks and put them towards a team, with the eventual winner being whichever team had the most devoted fan base.

That was LSU this year, and the Tigers faithful shattered records. They had already set the record on June 20, before their team was even in the CWS finals with over 21,000 jello shots. They didn't stop there, surpassing 50,000 thanks to a lot of devoted fans, including a Baton Rouge attorney.

The previous Jello Shot Challenge record was set at last year's College World Series, when Ole Miss fans purchased 18,777 jello shots. LSU fans more than tripled it. In total, they purchased 68,888 shots in honor of their team.

That it was LSU setting the record was hardly surprising. The Tigers faithful have embraced the event in Omaha, Nebraska, like no other fanbase. If LSU is in the CWS, its fans will show up in droves. Omaha businesses relish the purple-and-gold boost.

LSU has had 19 CWS appearances since its first in 1986 and won seven national championships since its first in 1991. Although college baseball is a niche sport, the school has been a national attendance leader, by far, for decades in its home stadium. Meanwhile, LSU fans got so accustomed to making trips to Omaha in the 1990s, that many will go to the CWS year after year, even without the Tigers.

So, if the Tigers had a lengthy stay in the school's first CWS appearance since 2017, the Ole Miss record was expected to fall easily.

Baton Rouge attorney Gordon McKernan, meanwhile, purchased 8,888 Jell-O Shots at $5 a piece, breaking the record for shots purchased by a single person, on Monday. Todd Graves, whose Raising Canes Chicken Fingers franchise was started with its location next to the LSU campus, bought 6,000 shots to push LSU past its rival, Ole Miss, days earlier.

All proceeds go to charity, so the fans of Tennessee, TCU, Wake Forest, LSU and more were all donating to a worthy cause and participating in a record-setting challenge.

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