Why was Bryce Harper ejected? Phillies superstar booted from game vs Pirates by controversial umpire Angel Hernandez

Bryce Harper was ejected by controversial umpire Angel Hernandez on Thursday after a questionable strikeout call
Bryce Harper was ejected by controversial umpire Angel Hernandez on Thursday after a questionable strikeout call

Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper was ejected from Thursday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The incident in question occurred in the bottom of the third inning after Harper was called out on strikes by notoriously questionable umpire Angel Hernandez.

"Bryce Harper lost it on Angel Hernandez after this check swing call" - @TalkinBaseball_

During the at-bat, Harper was called out by Hernandez, who was the third base umpire in the matchup. The controversial umpire said that Harper's swing went across the plate during an attempt to check his swing, which resulted in the superstar's strikeout. Needless to say, Harper did not agree with the call.

A visibly furious Harper quickly made his way to Hernandez, who was standing beside third base. The two-time MVP was seen shouting at Hernandez and was ejected from the game before reaching third base. Harper got his money's worth by letting the controversial umpire know exactly what he felt about the call.

On his way back to the dugout following his outburst with Hernandez, Harper tossed his helmet into the crowd, giving one lucky fan a unique souvenir. It remains to be seen if he will face any disciplinary repercussions for his actions. However, Hernandez often finds himself on the other end of these types of interactions.

Angel Hernandez has had run-ins with other Philadelphia Phillies players aside from Bryce Harper

While some fans may be amused by Bryce Harper's reaction to the check swing call by Angel Hernandez, there may be another interaction with a different member of the Philadelphia Phillies that tops it. Hernandez was the target of frustration yet again during a Phillies game, but the incident in question involved slugger Kyle Schwarber.

"maybe it's best if Ángel Hernández just doesn't work any more Phillies games like ever" - @CodifyBaseball

Last year, Hernandez sparked another fiery response from a Philadelphia slugger. At the time, it was Kyle Schwarber who was disputing a poor strikeout call. In an at-bat against Josh Hader, Schwarber was called out on strikes. However, the third strike appeared outside of the strike zone, sparking an eruption from the All-Star.

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