Yankees fans defend club's management over frustrating Juan Soto deadlock with Padres: "Simply not worth the ROI for 7 players"

Latest on Juan Soto trade talks
Latest on Juan Soto trade talks

The New York Yankees were actively pursuing San Diego Padres star Juan Soto. The two ballclubs have since then discussed the various possibilities of trading for Soto. New York is willing to go for a hefty player trade, but it looks like the demands of San Diego are forcing these trade talks toward a stalemate, as was reported by MLB analyst Bob Nightengale.

"Juan Soto trade talks between the Yankees and Padres are "at a complete stalemate" per BNightengale. The Padres reportedly want seven players and the Yankees see that as unrealistic" - TalkinBaseball_

Fans were dissatisfied with the vagaries and demands of the Padres organization for Juan Soto, with many Yankees fans claiming that it is incomprehensible to ask for seven players in a trade for one. Fans took to Twitter to voice their amazement at the reasons for this stalemate.

"7 players is f****** ridiculous. If Soto was under control for 3+ years or something, then it’d be worth giving up 7 players"
"Yankee fans are going to make Michael King’s life hell this season" - TheSkippersView
"Padres are greedy" - CincyHub
"padres think they trading washington soto. He killed his value & now he gonna walk for nothing" - tezfrm901
"All the Yankees need is a few guys that can just get on base. Then Judge can clean them up" - DarkHorseXF
"Simply not worth the ROI for 7 players and no longterm assurance" - MattyHermann
"That is unrealistic" - Threespoons_
"Look at what Padres gave up to get 2.5 years of a much more affordable Soto and explain to me how their asking price makes sense for 1 year of a $30M Soto" - charliebowman
"Pads think they can use up a year and a half of Soto’s team control and get back more for him than they gave up. Not realistic" - RPGuy16
"7 players? For one season of a player that you need moved quickly?" - AndrewJano24
"That’s a lot. Juan Soto is great but you can’t mortgage the future for him" - JacquesDexter

The Yankees are in a stalemate with the Padres over Juan Soto

Juan Soto is very skilled, but other aspects could make him less valuable in a trade. It appears that opinions on how much to value him differ. Despite being only 25 years old, he has already participated in 779 major league games and hit 160 home runs.

In 19% of his plate appearances, he has drawn walks and struck out in just 17.1% of them. With a wRC+ of 154, he has slashed.284/.421/.524 overall, which is 54% better than the league average hitter. With just a year to go on his contract with the Padres until he becomes a free agent, MLBTR has projected that he will earn $33 million in arbitration next year.

"Ken Rosenthal breaks down why he expects the Padres to trade Juan Soto and what factors will go into the deal" - FoulTerritoryTV

Given that he will soon become a free agent and be just 26 years old—a very young age for a free agent—signing him to an extension is generally expected to be very difficult. However, the Yankees still have a chance to approach him while their AL East rivals from Toronto are getting into the mix.

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