5 in-game changes that players can expect after BGMI unban

A lot of new features are set to be included in-game after BGMI unban (Image via Sportskeeda)
A lot of new features are set to be included in-game after BGMI unban (Image via Sportskeeda)

Krafton announced the much-anticipated BGMI unban through social media posts on the game's official handles on May 19. This announcement marked the end of a nine-and-a-half month's wait for millions of gamers in the country, who were ecstatic about learning the unban news. Since the title is the Indian variant of the popular BR game, PUBG Mobile, its features are mostly based on the global counterpart. Players can see many changes with the latest 2.6 update expected to be introduced into BGMI.

BGMI unban might result in a lot of new changes getting introduced in the game

1) Removal of Ancient Secret: Arise mode and the introduction of the new Dinoground mode

The Ancient Secret: Arise mode appeared in the 2.1 version in BGMI. Since then, the mode remained, making it the most played mode in the game's history. However, in the last few months, many players got frustrated playing the same mode daily.

After BGMI unban, gamers can expect the introduction of a new mode called Dinoground mode. Similar to PUBG Mobile, the Dinoground mode might only feature in the classic mode maps of Erangel and Livik. In this mode, players can fight against dinosaurs, tame them, and make them companions. They can use the dinosaurs' abilities to their advantage.

2) World of Wonder (WOW) mode


A new mode, World of Wonder, appeared in PUBG Mobile a few months back. Unfortunately, as Battlegrounds Mobile India was suspended and received no updates, the WOW mode never made its way into the Indian variant. However, once the game gets unbanned, there is a high chance that the WOW mode will be added.

The mode consists of several mini-mode matches like race, free-fall, TDM, parkour mode, and more. If the WOW mode gets incorporated, it will definitely intensify the matches.

3) New A1 Royale Pass


Similar to other features in the global variant, the Royale Passes introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India also feature similar rewards and have the same price and missions.

A brand new A1 Royale Pass entered PUBG Mobile on May 21. The A1 RP has a tenure of two months and offers upgradable weapon skins for the first time. Moreover, it provides ranked rewards up to rank 100. A color-changing set has also been added for the first time.

Users can expect the same to be added after BGMI unban, which will eventually help them get more cosmetics, items, and more.

4) New weapons and skins


The 2.4 update in PUBG Mobile witnessed the introduction of a new gun - Honey Badger, which uses 7.62 mm ammo and deals explosive damage in close-range combat. Furthermore, the 2.6 update has also witnessed a new machete make its way into the game, which has a high damage-dealing capacity and can knock down an opponent with two strikes.

Moreover, the global variant has incorporated multiple mythic and upgradable skins/cosmetics in the last few months. Players waiting for BGMI unban can expect the weapons and skins to be added to the Indian variant as well.

5) New classic mode gameplay changes


A lot of changes have been made to the normal classic mode gameplay. The "Jump and Punch" feature made a lot of changes in the esports matches as players exploited the glitch and defeated their opponents. However, BGMI players can expect the feature to be removed for good.

Moreover, changes to character movements, grenade timings, auto-pickup changes, and others have already made a massive difference in PUBG Mobile. If these changes get incorporated after BGMI unban, it will further improve the quality of the game.

If these changes get implemented, Indian gamers will be able to get the same content quality as users of the global version.

Note: The listicle reflects the author's views. Moreover, since Krafton has yet to provide any official announcement regarding the game's features, there is no surety that all of these changes will be made.

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Edited by Ashmita Bhatt