5 rare BGMI gun skins like Glacier M416 in April 2022

Some gun skins are incredibly scarce in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some gun skins are incredibly scarce in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)

Within nine months of its release, BGMI has established itself as one of the most popular games in the Indian market. Millions of players engage in playing the Battle Royale mode present in the game. As a result, the developers introduce several cosmetics from time to time to enhance the gaming experience.

However, amongst all the cosmetics, the craze for gun skins is massive. While some skins are easy to get hold of by purchasing from the in-game shop, some are rare and only a few gamers possess them. These skins have only increased the value of those players' inventory.

Rarest gun skins possessed by a few in BGMI

1) Stray Rebellion Beryl M762


The Stray Rebellion Beryl M762 is the latest addition to the Lucky Spin section in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Several skins have previously appeared in the game, but the Stray Rebellion skin is the most attractive-looking skin of the gun.

It is the only gun skin in the game that can be upgraded till Level 8, making it one of the rarest items.

The gun skin is tinged in pink and purple, and the final form shows the joker's mouth protruding with several springs and horns. However, it is the Glorious Moment upgrade level that sets the skin apart. It offers a rotating joker's head on the top of a glowing loot box.

2) PMGC Prestige Scar-L


The PUBG Mobile Global Championships is the main event for esports in the game. To celebrate the elite tournament (organized in January 2021), Krafton released a mythic gun skin, PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L, through the Premium Crate in BGMI.

The unique Scar-L skin has a glowing 'on hit' effect (used to stun players while getting shot, similar to that of the Glacier M416) that helped it get popular amongst players and fans of the game. However, the skin being a mythic item, became a rare item in BGMI.

3) Fool M416


The Fool M416 is one of the most popular gun skins in the game and is often compared to the Glacier M416 skin. The former is the only upgradable skin that turns from a legendary version to a mythic version when it is upgraded to its final form.

The final form shows a tongue sticking out of a laughing joker's mouth, which gives the skin an eerie look. Colored in purple, the skin is a rare item in the game, and only a few players in the community possess it.

4) Snowcapped berg SKS


The Snowcapped Berg SKS is amongst the rarest gun skins in BGMI. It was the first upgradable gun skin to appear in the game in 2022. Various popular YouTubers have spent thousands of UCs to obtain the upgradable SKS skin, which is, to date, the most gorgeous skin in-game.

The skin can be upgraded till level 5, and the final form contains a range of colors reminiscent of the hex crystals introduced in BGMI when the Mirror World mode was available.

5) Ryomen Sukuna Groza


The Ryomen Sukuna Groza gun skin was introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India during the game's collaboration with famous Japanese manga Jujutsu Kaisen. The gun skin is reportedly the best for the airdrop weapon and can be upgraded until Level 7.

The cosmetic also has an exclusive Firearm Ornament, unlike most other upgradable skins in the game, which attracted popular YouTubers and a few BGMI players to spend a lot of UCs to obtain the skin. The final form of the skin shows a glowing red eye which gives it a fiery appearance.

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