5 tips to improve sniping and long-ranged fights in BGMI

5 tips to improve sniping in BGMI (Image via BGMI)
5 tips to improve sniping in BGMI (Image via BGMI)

Like any other Battle Royale game, BGMI offers a wide variety of weapons that can be used to eliminate opponents. While SMGs and shotguns are beneficial for close-range duels, snipers provide the added advantage during long-range combats.

Handling the sniper in BGMI is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors to consider while aiming at an opponent. It must be noted that the bolt-action snipers fire only one round at a time. Therefore, an inaccurate shot can reveal the position of the gamer, making them vulnerable to enemy attacks.

This article will share five tips to improve sniping and long-range fights in BGMI.

Sniping is not difficult but requires the perfect skillset in BGMI

1) Sniper

The first step to improving sniping and long-range duels is to get hold of the perfect weapon. BGMI offers two kinds of snipers: bolt-action and automatic sniper rifle. Bolt-action rifles should be preferred over others as they deal a great amount of damage.

Gamers should set their preference as AWM, M24, Kar 98 in this order. In case of the unavailability of bolt-action snipers, gamers can use the automatic ones.

2) Attachments

Adding various attachments to the sniper is beneficial to improve the long-range shots. Gamers should make it a point to attach a compensator for snipers. The compensator controls the recoil of the gun, and it helps in getting a stable shot.

Other attachments such as extended magazines and scopes should be used as well. Snipers can accommodate up to 8x scope in BGMI. Therefore, gamers should keep a watch on them.

3) Use a cover

Sniping is most effective when opponents are kept guessing the position of the sniper. Gamers should not snipe from an open area. It makes them vulnerable to enemy bullets.

Instead, players should use natural covers such as trees, bushes, and rocks. Even man-made structures such as buildings, walls, and other structures should be used as a cover while sniping.

4) Peek and fire

Peek and fire in BGMI (Image via BGMI)
Peek and fire in BGMI (Image via BGMI)

Even though most gamers are aware of the peek and shoot option in BGMI, it is rarely used. However, players should use this feature as it helps to get a sight of the enemy without moving out of the cover.

Gamers should also try to change their position in between to confuse other players and shoot them from different angles.

5) Sniper Training mode

BGMI offers several other modes apart from Battle Royale. Under the Arcade mode, gamers will come across the Sniper Training mission. The objective of this mode is to get the maximum number of kills at a given period of time using the Sniper rifles.

This mode is a perfect place to practice sniping and improvising long-range shots. It is well known that practice paves the way towards success. Therefore gamers are advised to frequently enter the Sniper Training mode and hone up their skills.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the views of the author

Edited by Shaheen Banu

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