BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 2: Teams, map order, Day 1 scoreboard, and more

BGIS 2023 Finals will be hosted on October 13 (Image via BGMI)
BGIS 2023 Finals will be hosted on October 13 (Image via BGMI)

Day 2 of the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals will be conducted on October 13 at 12 pm, where the 16 finalists will continue their battle to solidify their ranking in the overall standings. After intense action on the opening day, Revenant and Gods Reign sat first and second, respectively. Meanwhile, underdogs like Nights Owls and 4Aggressive Man looked under heavy pressure.

The second day will be vital for each club as they have a chance to get back on the track. The BGIS Finale has a total prize of ₹2 crore and will wrap up on October 15, with the top eight progressing to the BGMI India vs Korea Invitational event.

Participating BGMI squads in BGIS 2023 Grand Finals

These 16 teams are contesting in the India Series Finale:

  1. Medal Esports
  2. Revenant Esports
  3. Gladiators Esports
  4. Glitchx Reborn
  5. CS Esports
  6. Mici Esports
  7. Gods Reign
  8. Midwave Esports
  9. Growing Strong
  10. Team XSpark
  11. OR Esports
  12. TWM Gaming
  13. Blind Esports
  14. Big Brother Esports
  15. 4Aggressive Man
  16. Night Owls

Day 2 schedule

The map order for the second day will remain the same as yesterday. The finalists will play two games each in Erangel and Miramar, followed by a single bout in Sanhok and Vikendi. The event is being held at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium in Mumbai, India. You can also watch it live on the Krafton India Esports YouTube channel and Jio Cinema.

  • Match 1 - Erangel
  • Match 2 - Miramar
  • Match 3 - Sanhok
  • Match 4 - Vikendi
  • Match 5 - Miramar
  • Match 6 - Erangel

BGIS Finals Day 1 results

Sensei-led Revenant Esports had an incredible run yesterday, earning a total of 83 points with one Chicken Dinner. Fierce and Apollo, from their unit, delivered a phenomenal performance and powered their team to a strong spot.

Gods Reign, led by Robin, exhibited their masterclass throughout the day, specifically in the sixth game. The lineup grabbed 83 points, including 44 eliminations on Thursday.

OR Esports, XSpark, and Midwave had a brilliant opening and will need to maintain their performance on Day 2. Each of these three teams earned a Chicken Dinner in their first six matches of the BGIS Finals.

Big Brother (48) and Gladiators Esports (46) are the only two teams who finished in the top eight yesterday despite not clinching any Chicken Dinner. Medal and Blind Esports had a mediocre opening day. Following a meager display, 4Aggressive Man sat bottom of the table with 15 points after Day 1 of the BGIS 2023 Finals.

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