BGMI 2.2 update release date unclear as game remains banned in India

2.2 update in BGMI might not be released due to ban (Image via Sportskeeda)
2.2 update in BGMI might not be released due to ban (Image via Sportskeeda)

After BGMI was delisted from the virtual stores of both Apple and Google on July 28, 2022, no updates have been added to the game since. This has raised doubts in players' minds about when, or even if, the new 2.2 update will be released.

All updates on PUBG Mobile are normally expected to be released in BGMI within a few days. However, unlike other updates, the newest one is yet to be released for the Indian variant, even though it finished rolling out for PUBG Mobile users on September 15.

BGMI 2.2 update's release in doubts after the reintroduction of Cycle 3 Season 7

Several popular YouTubers like Lucky Man and Classified YT have previously spoken in their videos about the bleak chances of the update being released in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Both stressed that Indian gamers might have to play the same modes and events that are available in the game for the next two months.


Proving their words to be true, earlier today (20 September), the ongoing Cycle 3 Season 7 concluded. However, much to everyone's surprise, the same season was reintroduced following an in-game rank reset.

Furthermore, the RP section is also locked and a 29-day unlock timer is currently displayed. This highlights the fact that there will be no Month 15 Royale Pass available in the game. In that case, it is possible that the Month 16 RP's release will also be absent from the title.

Image showing War Mania CEO's story on changes in BGMI (Image via Instagram)
Image showing War Mania CEO's story on changes in BGMI (Image via Instagram)

War Mania CEO Hrishav Bhattacharjee recently uploaded a story on his popular Instagram handle, where he mentioned that it is highly unlikely that the 2.2 update will be introduced in the Indian variant. He added that if Krafton fails to relaunch the game, then all player IDs will be reset to Level 1 and users will have to start afresh.

Taking everything into consideration, it seems doubtful that the latest 2.2 update will be released in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

List of features that will be unavailable if 2.2 update's release is not added to BGMI

As mentioned earlier, both Battlegrounds Mobile India and its global counterpart PUBG Mobile's updates bring in similar features. While PUBG Mobile has brought along many exciting features, the same cannot be said for the Indian variant.

Here are the new features added in the 2.2 update that BGMI players are missing out on:

  1. The new 1x1 map - Nusa (with Lift, Zipline, new NS2000 Shotgun, new vehicle 'Quad', Special Recall, and many other exciting features).
  2. Erangel updates - Rainbow weather, Mountain bike together with bike parking system, Flash Shop, changes in some regions (like Pochinki, Hospital, Mylta Power, and Ferry Pier), and new Functioning Gas Station.
  3. New Halloween mode and theme.
  4. UI upgrade.
  5. New game mode - Gear Front.
  6. New crossbow (can fire flammable arrows and ropes).
  7. New European-themed vicinity - Strange town (exclusively available in Ranked Erangel).
  8. Voice-to-text in-match chat.
  9. Improvements in weapons like AUG, MK14, Mini14, and SKS.
  10. Knockout effect.
  11. A new merit system.

It remains to be witnessed if Krafton can relaunch the game for Indian users and whether the latter will eventually get to experience the features of the 2.2 update.

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