Data transfer from PUBG Mobile to BGMI to be stopped for a temporary period: All you need to know

BGMI's final build has now been released (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI's final build has now been released (Image via Sportskeeda)

The full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was officially released by Krafton yesterday. Players can now download and play the full version of the game from the Google Play Store.

The developers also shared a notice with gamers and fans regarding the data transfer service.

Earlier, players were allowed to transfer their data, including past purchases and skins, from PUBG Mobile to BGMI. But now, Krafton will "temporarily" stop the data transfer feature.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) data transfer temporarily being stopped

Announcement by Krafton (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Announcement by Krafton (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Yesterday, Krafton, on its official website and social media, announced that the data transfer service would briefly be paused from July 6th.

Only players who have played the Livik map in PUBG Mobile will be eligible to transfer their account data to BGMI. The developers also affirmed that users who have moved their data would receive pre-registration rewards.

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Here's what Krafton had to say concerning this issue:

"Dear BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans. Currently, Krafton is providing data transfer service in order to safely secure the data of fans from India. A maintenance will be proceeded upon the data transfer service; accordingly, we'd like to inform you that the transfer service will be temporarily shut down during the period indicated - July 6th - until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience upon temporary shutdown of the data transfer. Those who wish to transfer their data, please do so before July 6th."

BGMI players can read the official website by clicking this link.

The developers have not mentioned when or if the data transfer feature will be resumed. They have also not revealed why it is being stopped in the first place.

BGMI players are advised to perform their data transfer before the mentioned date to avoid any inconveniences.

Players who want to transfer their PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) can follow these steps:

Note: Data transfer is only available to players who have had their accounts linked to Twitter or Facebook, not Google Play Games.

Step 1: After the initial account creation, players will be provided with an option to transfer their data in BGMI. Alternatively, they can choose this option from Settings > Basic and Data Transfer.

Step 2: A dialog box will emerge showing details of the data transfer. Users can tap on the "Yes, please continue" button.

Tap on the Yes button
Tap on the Yes button

Step 3: A new dialog box will pop up, asking them to provide approval for the data transfer.

Players need to tap on Yes to proceed
Players need to tap on Yes to proceed

Step 4: After users have given their consent, they need to select the social media network account linked to their old PUBG Mobile account.

Players need to select their social media account
Players need to select their social media account

Step 5: After signing in, players can click on the "Yes" button to move their PUBG Mobile data to BGMI.

There is still no official word regarding the BGMI iOS version launch, so iOS users need to wait a little longer. With the successful full version launch of BGMI on Android, the iOS version could well be underway.


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