How to fix lag and frame drops in BGMI: Beginner's guide

Players can reduce lags in BGMI to get the best graphics
Players can reduce lags in BGMI to get the best graphics

Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access) aka BGMI is the most popular battle royale title in India right now. The release of the title on June 17th, 2021, brought joy to the battle royale enthusiasts in India.

Battle royale games require a good internet connection and a device with decent system requirements to run smoothly. Players might often face lags and frame drops while playing BGMI. This article talks about ways they can overcome this difficulty.

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Tips to fix lag and reduce frame drops in BGMI

The following tips will players reduce frame drops and run BGMI smoothly:

1. Graphics Settings


This is the most effective way of fixing lags in the battle royale title. Not every Android device has good RAM and processor to ensure a smooth experience while playing BGMI. Players can reduce the graphics of the game by heading over to the Graphics section in the Settings.

2. WiFi over mobile data

Image via Wallpaperflare
Image via Wallpaperflare

Players need a good internet connection to run BGMI. They must always choose WiFi over mobile data in order to minimize lags and improve the battle royale experience.

3. Battery Optimization


Battery Optimization settings are enabled on Android devices to reduce the phone’s performance for saving battery. Players need to disable Battery Optimization for BGMI by going to the battery settings in their respective devices.

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4. Cache removal


Players can clear their phone memory by deleting the cache files. Mobile gamers with limited space on their phone can ensure smooth functioning of BGMI by deleting cache files and making more room for the resources of the game to get properly installed.

5. Background apps


If any other app is running in the background, it might use internet to run and reduce the phone’s battery quickly. Players must close all apps running in the background before starting BGMI to have a smooth gaming experience.

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